The Stairs

May 3, 2012
My name is Jamie. I am the middle child of 7. My favorite color is purple. I have always wanted an adventure. In my life but this isn’t the adventure I imaged….
As I walked down the hall of our two story I heard a noise down by our front, a scratching, then a bang! And the sound of shattered glass, I look down a man with dark skin, dark eyes that were blood shot. His clothes torn up and dirty. I had never seen the man before in my life. I he looked up and made eye contact with me. I had never felt such fear shake through my entire body. As I ran screaming in terror, I grabbed my 2 sister, one who was 23 the other 6 we hid in our parents room. Listening for this man, who looked vaguely familiar. I just couldn’t put my finger on it. Then I heard it, a step, then one after another, closer and closer, the blood drained from my face as I remembered, my brothers who were right next door. I grabbed my sister, shook her shoulders and said “Listen, Sam, Please. Whatever you do, Do not let Mary get hurt, Keep her safe. Stay safe. Do not let the man in. Whatever you do, I am going to go get the boys.” She looked at me eyes streaming with tears, a look of terror in her blue gray eyes. “I will try my best” she choked out. I kissed her cheek. Ran to Mary Kissed her head and jumped out the window. I had this awful feeling. I knew something was very wrong. Not just the strange man in my house. I ran fasted then I ever thought humanly possible. I Broke into my grandparents’ house. Ran through the door, past all the picture of my family, till I reached the stairs, as I got there, I saw a picture, hanging from the stairs. It was 4 stick people falling down the stairs with x’s for eyes. I knew what it meant. My grandparents and my two younger brother’s, lay at the bottom, lifeless. As this feeling of despair shook my whole entire being. I stood up and ran, ran back to my sisters. Ran even faster than before. I felt that feeling, again in the depths of my soul. Something the was connected to me deep inside, it gave me the spend i never thought possible. I reached the house. And saw the same picture hanging from the top of the stairs. I knew, again exactly what it meant. As I looked down and saw them laying there, a pile of what used to be my only sisters in the world. As I looked down the hall, I saw him. Eyes blood shot, feet dragging a crazed look in his eyes, coming towards me faster and faster, I Knew where I saw him. He was on the evening news, for murdering. I screamed at this recognition. Not just the kind you hear in the movies. A scream of true terror…. I woke up in a sweat, in that same scream as in my dream, Tears streaming. I jump out of bed and go to my sister’s room, they lay there sleeping soundly. I kissed them on the head. And walked down to my brother’s room there they lay snoring. I sighed in relief. Then walking down the hall ready to climb back to bed, I heard it, a scratching at the door.

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