A Lucky Day Turns Bad

May 3, 2012
By MichaelSC BRONZE, Sherburn, Minnesota
MichaelSC BRONZE, Sherburn, Minnesota
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Brian was a very poor man who had no job and lived in a worn down house that he could barely afford. After he used his welfare checks to buy food and pay bills he would have little money left over so he would sell some of his belongings. Using what little money he had after that he would support his gambling problem by buying lottery tickets hoping it would make him rich. Whatever money he won from the lottery tickets he just used it to buy more lottery tickets. Brian did not care about his house and how it was on the brink of foreclosure or the tattered clothes he had on he only cared about buying lottery tickets. One day when returned home from spending his last few dollars on two lottery tickets he seen an eviction notice on his door, he needed $1000 dollars by the end of the week to keep his house. He didn’t like his house but it was all he had. As he made his way inside he set the lottery tickets on the table and went to bed in a state of extreme stress. In the morning he sat on his couch thinking about how he would get the money, not coming to any conclusions he remembered the lottery tickets on the table. He knew it was the only thing that would take his mind off the situation. Brian scratched the first ticket; he hadn’t won anything, not even a dollar. He scratched the second ticket and it was a winner. The second ticket wasn’t just any winner it was the grand prize of $200,000. Now Brian knew that he not only could he pay the money for his house but he could buy and even better one. The next day he found a nice expensive house that he wanted and he bought it. The next thing he bought after that was a brand new shiny car so he wouldn’t have to walk all the time and he bought some new clothes. For the next few months he went on spending sprees buying everything he wanted, being careless with his money. One day he went to buy a big 80 inch TV but went he went to swipe his credit card it didn’t work and it said he had insufficient funds. Brian could not believe that the $200,000 that he had won just a couple months ago was already gone. Brian was really mad and disappointed at himself for spending all that money, he finally had the money to get his life back on track and he wasted it all before he could make any real progress. Brain did not want to be poor again but he had no money to maintain his new life of luxury. Brian still did not have a job but he tried to find one but no one would hire him. After looking for a job for about a month he realized he could not make the money he needed in an honest way so he turned to a life of crime. At first he did smaller crimes like taking peoples wallets or purses or taking the tips of tables at restaurants and it made him feel really bad. Even though Brian was committing all these crimes he was not making enough money to support his life style even though he had stopped spending money on his gambling problem. In order to make enough money he would need a better plan, he decided that to get enough money he would have to rob a bank. He planned when he would rob it and which bank and everything else he thought was important. When the day finally came Brian was really nervous but it he thought it was the only way to fix his problem. He went in the bank and demanded money and the tellers gave it to him but at the same time they pushed a button that notified the police and they were there before Brian was able to escape. Brian knew he was in a lot of trouble and he didn’t want to go to jail or be poor again. So he told the police that he had a gun and he spent his last few seconds running out of the bank.

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