The Hijack

May 3, 2012
By coolbeanz10 BRONZE, Monticello, Illinois
coolbeanz10 BRONZE, Monticello, Illinois
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How could this have happened I thought as the plane spiraled straight down towards… But I’ll get back to that later. I’m entering the plane at about 6:00 pm and I notice several things. The pilots aren’t there yet and there aren’t flight attendants greeting me. I walk to my seat and reach up to put my bag inside the overhead bin. CLICK, I hear as I close the overhead door. I’m just about to sit when I feel uncomfortable. I look around but no one is looking at me so I take my seat next to the window and hear the workers yelling outside, as usual.

As I’m listening I notice everything go silent. The people inside and outside the plane aren’t talking anymore. I am curious as to why it is so quiet, so I look outside and I notice all the workers are staring at one man. That one man is looking right back at them and he starts running towards the plane I’m in. Right when he disappears from view the sun falls below the buildings and it suddenly gets darker.

Just then the captain walks on board and tells us that he will take off right when they get the engines going. The captain goes into the cockpit and the man I saw running outside, walks right in and sits down. I stare at the back of his head and wonder what he was running from and why is he on my plane going to Washington D.C.? But then I wonder if he is a terrorist. I try to shake that thought out of my head because I don’t want it to be true. I think about how he looks Muslim, and that he has a beard, and how he was running around in a restricted area.

As I hear the wine and feel the vibrations of the engines, I feel my palms get clammy. As we start to taxi across the runway I notice the man bobbing his head like he is listening to music even though there isn’t any music playing. I wonder as we take off why he was doing that.

We are climbing high up over the white fluffy clouds until we level out. When I am finally feeling calm, but right then the Man that ran stands up and goes to the restroom. I start to feel uneasy and start taping my foot. I notice him slowly peeking out the door and see him slip right into the cockpit unnoticed. I start to feel the plane’s nose falling, falling straight toward the ground. I sit in my seat and I think, I knew he look suspicious! A person with a Middle Eastern accent starts talking over the intercom.

“I will be flying plane to the capital building in D.C. and that is where you end flight.” He says.

The plane is going almost straight down now and I feel like I’m floating. Before I think about what I’m doing, I unbuckle my seat belt and fall towards to the cockpit. I break the cockpit door, grab the terrorist, and lock him in the food closet. I turn around and yell, “Is there a person who can fly this thing?!”

Right as I finish saying that a balding man, about in his thirties, stands up and works his way to the pilots seat. I wonder how this could have happened as we spiral straight down towards the ground. The new pilot pulls the plane up, but it still looks like we are going to hit a building in Washington D.C. but just in time the man levels the plane up and it starts climbing again. All the passengers start cheering!
After we slide down the inflatable emergency ramp, I walk over to the man that flew the plane and I shake his hand and tell him,

“I am so grateful for you stepping up like that. Thank you.”

As I see the terrorist being taken away I call my family to tell them what happened even though they probably already heard it on the news, and I think to myself that I just flew on the most exciting plane ride ever!

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