April 29, 2012
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I was running. Running faster than I ever had before.

I could FEEL it, the power swelling inside me. I had been getting tired, I had begun to let the thoughts race through my mind, how nice it would feel to stop, to give up, and lay there until i was found. to stop for even one small moment to take a breath. But suddenly my cravings subsided. I could feel adrenaline pumping through my veins, like gasoline in a crazed motorbike, that just needs to GO.

I actually had MORE energy than I needed. I was running as fast as I've ever gone, and still there was too much energy, too much power. My hands began to shake. Anything to get rid of all of this adrenaline, and testosterone. I had saved up.I was ready to explode from the might. I needed to vent, and it needed to happen now. I began to chatter my teeth. The wind was pushing past my face so fast, my ears began to burn. The pain that had began stinging the soles of my feet with every soil churning step was gone. My feet and legs were numb. I was under control.

Almost out of nowhere, as if it had emerged from a black mist, I saw it. A fence. I was almost excited to finally see an obstacle. I would finally get to see how much power I had. I was in perfect coordination. I was right on beat. I didn't skip a step in my rhythm when I planted both feet into the ground just in front of the fence, and shot myself up as hard as I could, and I soared. I cleared it no problem. My feet were in perfect sync with my mind, and I landed with my right foot ahead of me, ready to keep running, and go even faster.

All my life things had gone wrong. Always when it mattered, I failed, but now, when It mattered most, I was sailing perfectly. They had probably released the dogs now. But I escaped an hour before roll call. The dogs would be far behind me still. I ran through the forest. Like an animal, my reflexes were instant. I was running at this amazing speed, and yet every obstacle that would slow me down I perfectly dodged. Every tree root that I would trip over, I skipped a step, and every pot hole that I would trip in, I leaped, and landed right on time. Every bush or shrub that would slow me down ,I would clear it. Everything was effortlessly in tune. My bright orange prison uniform was gone. I had snatched a pair of the exercise clothes that we are issued every Tuesday afternoon, and forced to return on Tuesday night- Light gray sweat pants, and a white T-shirt.

I lunged myself over fallen trees, and around thorny plants, until It finally paid off. The Highway.

You see it as a patch of scenery flying past you at 65 MPH never to be noticed again, but I see it as a goal line.

This was it. The search limit for prisoners before it goes national. This is the line. I cross this road, and the prison guards will look no further. Instead they will call every town in the state to be on lookout. Sure that’s worse, but its a 3-day long process. That’s more than long enough to get some normal clothes, shave my head, and get a tattoo. With all those distinctions, they would never find me, I was in the clear. I waited not for a minute. As soon as I cleared the plants in front of me, and I saw that highway, I ran full speed. It was the dead of night, and nobody would be on the road. I dashed. I think I may have been going even faster than before. I was midway through now. Two lanes of freedom down, two more to go. I was dead on the border of freedom, and hell, all of it, the months of training, the years of planning, it all lead up to this moment....

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