Shades of Gray

April 30, 2012
By MeaningB.Love3 BRONZE, Stockbridge, Georgia
MeaningB.Love3 BRONZE, Stockbridge, Georgia
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"Pulvis et umbra sumus"- We are dust and shadows; "I have promises to keep and miles to go before I sleep"-Robert Frost

The girl looked into the mirror and cried. the ongoing days of teasing and goading for the past few months had begun to wear on her soul. the name she tried to run away from assaulted her from all sides. she looked up again. her eyes were puffy and swollen and her tears coated her cheeks. the teenager could taste the bitterness of her pain. pain that was caused by the people closest to her. she glanced down at the box cutter in her hand. should she?....she knows that she shouldn't. but the reality was..there was no one around that cared enough to stop her. she made the first cut, puncturing her skin and wincing slightly. By then she figured that she would wear her scars for everyone to see.

The author's comments:
I lost my best friend that night. I hope anyone who reads this understands there are better ways to cope.

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