A Journey to Recovery

May 3, 2012
By Samantha Swanson SILVER, Omaha, Nebraska
Samantha Swanson SILVER, Omaha, Nebraska
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I call upon the great Shaman, to lead me through this journey. Guide me to retell this enthralling tale of the one who does not fail. Assist me so that I may portray this champion correctly, for it would be a shame to alter it greatly. This hero conquered what seemed impossible, and has taught me to be strong. I long to share the news of their abilities, that everyone will know the name that comes with them.

The Great Warrior
There is a tale of a great warrior, yet she is not like any other. She is far more magnificent than the rest, and most certainly is not second best. Oh so kind to those who greet her, yet gracious to those who don’t. This warrior has conquered all tasks so mighty, that some would say she is “The Almighty.” Many battles have been fought, but she has been crowned victor of them all. The Almighty is wonderful in all she does, if there is a flaw, it is hardly shown.

She is skilled in all she does, perfecting it with a charming approach. When given a tool for crafting, she creates a work so grand, she has a gift beyond what is natural and bland. She creates what brings light to her eyes, whether it be joyful or something that cries.

She has a great vision of how the world should be, the only one of her kind and I love her immensely. I am lucky to say I’ve known her all my days, even though someday we’ll part ways. Through all the good and bad times we’ve shared together, I am proud to say she is my beautiful sister.

The Treacherous Ice Land
Once there was a time when the world was one, there wasn’t a favor in the cold or the sun. Then as time went on, the people began to praise the fire in the sky, saying the god Rays was far greater than one named Shiver. This however made Shiver filled with rage, saying he would get revenge on a lover of the sun, no matter what the age. The people were alarmed and did not know how to act, so they went and consulted with the one who could fight back.

The Almighty told them, “Do not fright his vengeance, for this god of the cold shall be set straight!” The people told her of the land where Shiver reigned, saying how it was a dangerous place where many were wounded. Even with these warnings, she set out to reason with him. The people were nervous for her, yet she did not falter.

When she finally came to the Ice Land, she knew she had to handle the task that was at hand. For she had a great love for the god of the sun, so she confronted Shiver. Brave as brave can be, she did not quiver. The god of the cold then proclaimed, “You say you can beat me, well let me prove you wrong.” They fought a fierce battle, as each took the upper hand. Even with her strength like a wall, The Almighty was the one to fall.

She should not have come to this land, for the grasp of Shiver was too much to bare, and the warrior was no longer able to stand. Coming here was a mistake, but she knew it was a risk she had to take. When it seemed as though all of the light had left the sky, the sun peeked out from the clouds and brightened it once more. Although she didn’t discover it yet, this was a chance for her to rise again. This tragedy would make her stronger in many ways, even greater than she was before.

The Wounded Warrior
The fallen hero woke up in a daze, and she looked out into the foggy haze. She didn’t have the faintest idea to where she was or how much time had passed. All she knew was that she was unable to rise, if only someone was there to answer her cries. It all made sense now as to where she was. She had been cast to the land of Shatter.

The Land of Shatter
The land of Shatter was a dreaded place, one that was only wished upon by a worst enemy. Shiver had sent her there, she knew that was her fate from his evil stare. The Almighty had been sent to the land of the dead, and it was heard there was no way to escape. Even being faced with this awful rumor, she did not give up hope. She would find a way to be freed from this horror.

What made Shatter so fearful was what it contained. It held one’s worst fear, one’s worst nightmare, and showed what one held most dear. The land was like a giant cave. Dark, cold and could bring down the brave. It knew every detail about your life, from the times of success to the times of strife. Shatter could control your state of mind, making it hard to tell fantasy from reality.

This is what the warrior had to overcome, so she set out on foot to breakout away from this terror. Then she remembered the tricks Shatter played with your head, explaining why she was able to roam instead. It was all a state of mind. Once she realized this, a glowing figure appeared into the darkness ahead. She stood, frozen with fear; the illuminating person was coming near.

As they came closer, she recognized who it was and couldn’t believe her eyes. The god of the sun must have noticed her daring ways, because Ultraviolet, a young daughter of Rays, came skipping toward her. “My father has sent me to help you, so I will grant you one wish. But I will warn you to choose wisely, for there are no second chances.”

The Almighty thought of what she could request, and hoped that Ultraviolet would not contest. She then said, “Oh great one, I am deeply thankful for what you have offered me, and I will forever be in debt to you. My wish is to leave the land of Shatter, for it is told there is no way out.” Ray’s daughter replied with, “As you wish. I wish you the best of luck.” She was gone in the blink of an eye, and the hero was transported to a place named Standbi.

Traveling Through Standbi
As The Almighty looked around to take in her surroundings, she saw where she had been located. She was in the great nation of Standbi. A place designed for those who were born to fight, and were able to battle with all of their might. The warrior was thrilled to train with those that were there, but then remembered how she was hurt and was filled with despair. The people came to her aid, as they saw she was wounded. But nothing they did could make her feel included.

The people of Standbi decided that she needed to stay, seeing how she was suffering greatly. She would be alright, despite all the odds. They performed acts of healing, said to be given by the gods. It was a practice that didn’t take place often, it was more advanced than any kind of remedy. Yet the people saw something in her, they foretold as great destiny.

The hero was thankful but also devastated, for her missing the action could not be evaded. She would sit out to watch the others sparing, and think, “How did I end up this way? Surely someday will be my day.” But she did not allow this to bring her down, she vowed that she would turn it around.

Each day she worked harder than the one before, pushing herself until she couldn’t anymore. From dawn until dusk, each time she improved. Trying to fit in and no longer be removed. After some time, when she had recovered almost completely, she decided to give the training a try.

The Test
The test was fairly simple; it consisted of two different tasks. The first would test her wits, but this was the least concerning, as she was as sharp as a tack. For Shiver may have robbed her of her physical abilities, but not of her cunningness. Questions were thrown at her left and right, answered flawlessly to the crowd’s delight.

The second task was a test of physicality and the warrior was fearful, for she had not had to prove herself since the battle with Shiver. But now was the time to show she had been restored. Once again a force to be reckoned with, and could not be ignored. The spectators watched intently as she completed the course, where she gave it her all and went full force. She flew through each section, exceeding what she could do before. The days of her standing by to watch were clearly no more.

The Return Home
Before she was able to appreciate the adulation, inexplicably she had returned home. She looked around and saw a bright figure standing before her, it was the god of the sun himself. She asked him, “How did I get here?” Rays then replied, “I’ve brought you back home, you have proven yourself to be a worthy hero. You were faced with a hardship that you were able to overcome, a feat that is not bestowed upon just anyone. For what makes a great warrior is not how they rise, but how they handle the fall.”

The Almighty never again felt as though she was inferior, for she knows that if she were to falter, she has the strength to prevail. If she ever had to face Shiver once more, the outcome would be different than before.

She is a great warrior, yet she is not like any other. She is far more magnificent than the rest, and most certainly is not second best.

The author's comments:
This story was inspired by an event that happened to my sister. She suffered from a terrible leg break when we went ice-skating in 2011.

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