The Case of the Mysterious Sticky Note

May 9, 2012
By issah26 BRONZE, Durand, Illinois
issah26 BRONZE, Durand, Illinois
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I struggle to wake up to my alarm. I tug off a fat black cat that was smothering me. He liked to suffocate me so I would wake up to feed him in the morning. What did those darn cats do again?! I could feel something plastered to my forehead. I reached up to take it off. It was a sticky note. Who in the world would put a sticky note on my head?! They were definitely going to pay for this one. Payback is a…

I quickly told myself to calm down. Whenever I could exact my revenge on a cool temper, the revenge was always so much sweeter, like crisp, cool, pink lemonade on a hot summer day, yum. Just as I turned over the sticky note to read whatever it said, I got a phone call. The ringtone of Adele’s song “Rolling in the Deep” was playing, so I knew that it was an unknown caller. “Hello?” I made my voice seem alert and focused. Who wants to sound sleepy and not paying attention? Any of these phone calls could be important.

There was no response for a few seconds and just as I was about to hang up, a voice told me to do what the sticky note said, it was important, and then he hung up. I knew that it was not that hard to make a call unknown, someone just has to dial *69 before the number they were calling. Three conclusions could be drawn from what the man had said. First, he was behind the sticky note. It was pretty easy to give me a sticky note. I had two roommates who love pranks. I also knew that he did not say whether the importance of following the sticky note was good or bad. Lastly, I knew the only way to figure this out was to do what the sticky note said. My inquisitive mind got the best of me sometimes.

I finally read the sticky note. The first thing that it said to do was get dressed and go to the kitchen. There would be a backpack there that had everything I would need. I quickly got ready and headed to the kitchen. There I ate some breakfast before looking through the bag. In the top, there was a sticky note. In the bag, there was a wallet full of money, my passport, a few books, some snacks, and a few other things. This sticky note said to go to the Subway down the block. I would need to ask the lady inside Subway for a black bag.

As I was traveling down the road, I was truly clueless. I went inside Subway and asked the woman who was working there, “I was supposed to come here for a black bag. I don’t know what it looks like, but do you have one here for me?”

“Oh, you’re the girl. Here it is,” she said as she passed the bag over, which was very small. She just smiled at all of the questions I asked about who left it and just shook her head. I walked out the door more confused than ever. I popped the trunk of my car and inside were a few suitcases. I looked inside them, and there were some of my summer clothes in them.

There was a clue in the bag that I was holding. Inside were plane tickets, and a note. It read, “I love you. Please meet me at the airport so we can go to Hawaii for the next two weeks.”

I could not believe that my fiancée would do something like this! This is why I loved him. I hurried off to meet him at the airport.

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