The World As We Know It

May 4, 2012
By Dylant123 BRONZE, Springfield, Massachusetts
Dylant123 BRONZE, Springfield, Massachusetts
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Mrs. Norris: Good morning class! We have a lot to do today so let’s start by taking out our journals for a 10 minute free write.

Taylor: This day is going by way too slow, I just want to go to sleep

Mrs. Norris: We have too much work to do to sleep! No sleeping Taylor!

Dylan: Did you guys hear that? Everyone Sh!

Mrs. Norris: Everyone get under your desks NOW! This is an emergency.

Dylan: What’s going on Mrs. Norris?

Steve: Mrs. Norris who was out there?

Mr. Norris: They look like some type of soldiers. All I know is that there are numerous injured students out there and we need to keep this room silent.

Soldier 1: (enters, pointing gun) everyone up now! You will die if you try to be brave, you will die if you try getting away. Do as I say and you will all live. Now line up! Males on this side, ladies get on this side.

Dylan: Sir Can you tell me what’s going on?

Soldier 1: Mind your own kid! Follow the directions I gave you!

Dylan: (to Steve) Turn Steve, turn! We’ll meet up with them outside

Steve: Go fast so they don’t catch us, dude what is going on?

Dylan: I have no clue, but it’s almost completely dark outside and it’s only 12:30. Something serious definitely has to be going on.

Steve: We need to hurry and get outside, this is ridiculous.

As the two wandering students made their way outside, they stepped across atleast a dozen of their fellow classmates, gasping at their discoveries.

Dylan: It’s so hot out here; it smells like something’s burning.

Steve: Dude look! There’s our class, everyone is getting on the bus.

Dylan: (while running) Try and stay low! I don’t want to die before I even know what’s happening.

Mrs. Norris: Boys get over here now! Quickly and quietly, this bus is empty! We’re leaving! Hurry and get on everybody.

Mrs. Norris gathered the students on to the bus, and got on behind them.

Mrs. Norris: The keys are here! Everyone stay low we cannot be seen!

Soldier 1: (enters through back door) Are you crazy? Get out of the driver’s seat NOW! Blindfolds will be put on all of you and you’ll be driven to your next destination.

Dylan: Which is?

Soldier 1: You keep your mouth shut; you’re only to speak when spoken to!

After blindfolding the students, the soldier turns the bus on and begins driving

Dylan: (Whispers) Steve! Pull your blindfold down you can see what’s happening!

Just as Steve pulls his blindfold down to see his surroundings, the bus flips and everything goes black.

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