Strive For Numbness

March 28, 2012
By nataliasofia BRONZE, Guaynabo, Other
nataliasofia BRONZE, Guaynabo, Other
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I feel the beer rushing down my throat. I open a second beer.
Swoosh. Swoosh.
I swallow, burning my throat in the process because of its coldness. I wonder how long it will be before I feel the effect of the alcohol. Calmness dawns over me. Warmth spreads through my insides.
My belly pushes forward, like a damn after being held back by massive iron walls. My tight shirt now makes me look like I'm pregnant. But of course, I dismiss the uncomfortable feeling of tight fabric almost instantly.
I take another long sip.
"Chug, chug, chug!"
I drink what remains of my drink. I get up, and stumble towards the bar where I let myself in, and grab another one.
My feet seem to have a mind of their one as I am gracefully clumsy while I get to the nearest chair. I suddenly loose the sense of an accurate voice volume, and turn it up as if no one can hear me. I laugh uncontrollably when I hear my voice.
I finish my beer slowly this time, and when I get up I feel like I am in an electric pathway, like those in the airports.
I laugh, remembering how I fell on my way to Atlanta with my bags on one of those pathways.
The floor is moving, but I am not. Not on my own will, anyways. As I make gentle and awkward strides to the bar again, I feel dizzy. I push the thought away, and get a new beer; but this time, I don’t burn my throat.
I am numb.

The author's comments:
An insight into a mind of any teenager, or adult, which finds refuge in alcohol.

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