Tears Of Sorrow

March 18, 2012
By Anonymous

“Where’s my two little princesses”, said the obnoxious voice. “Willow, Willow get up go in the closet he’s home”, (trembling and terrified) “But I’m tired Amunique I want to sleep”, cried her little voice “Now Willow NOW”. This happens almost every night I don’t know about Willow but am about fed up with it. The night I get to sleep peacefully will be very blissful. As I hid under my cover I could hear his flamboyant foot rising up the stairs. Mr. James was my foster dad, his wife worked at night and he found it in his place to touch little girls. I’ve gotten use to this abuse over the months I’ve been here, but this little girl Willow just came and I refuse to let this unbearable pig touch her. Bang……., the door suddenly soared open and enters he comes. “Hi there princess, where’s the little one?” he asked “I’m sorry she stepped out James went to take a walk and think her life over”, I quickly said, “I love it when you act clever”, said his liquor breath. I try so hard not to throw up, but I promise you I came close. He came closer and closer near me and rapidly my blanket flying off my cold body hit the window. I could feel his hot breathe breathing down my neck. Then he gently kissed my neck, then my forehead and next my lips as his cold rigid hands rubbed against my thighs. At the moment I was done and done I would be forever. I speedily pushed him off me and jumped off the bed. “Get of me you perverted skunk” I yelled. He then snatched me by my arm and pressed me on the dresser. I yelled help a couple of times knowingly that no one would want to get involved knowing his rep. The more I yelled the harder he would blow across my face. Face spread against the dresser I felt so helpless. His hands moved slowly on my physique causing me to hurl. Sickening, he said, “Call me daddy”, “Not in this life time”, I said loudly. Not liking my response he became at rage and spun me around and grabbed my throat with his hands. I’ve always imagine dying, but it was never like this so I had to act quickly. The Music Box the Mrs.’s got me for Christmas was my only option I quickly grabbed it off the dresser and swung it across his face. He released my throat and started grouchy like a two little puppy. I headed for the front door, not knowing where I was going but I was on the run and for once in my life I felt FREE. Suddenly I heard Willow pleading, “Please don’t leave me, please” I quickly grabbed her and off we ran.

Hand in Hand me and Willow walked I could tell she was sleepy but she acted like a Champ. I’ve only known Willow for 2 months but she looks up to me as her big sister and I’ve taken on the responsibility. Willow and I are kind of the same both of our parents died and we both were taken away from the only family we knew. My parents died during 9/11; my Father was on the American Airlines Flight 77which crashed into the Pentagon where my mother worked. I was only 5 my 6yr old birthday was 3months away. When my parents died I went to live with my aunt but she got very sick and I was taken away from her to a family that was very dysfunctional. From then on I kept on moving away from home to home with no place where I felt like I belonged. On the other hand Willow parents died in a car crash caused by a drunken idiot, she was in the car when it happened but her life was spared and she reenacts the whole incident every night when she sleeps. When her parents died her grandparents took care of her until her grandfather died of Parkinson’s disease and her grandmother became very troubled and committed suicide. Loneliness was my best friend and I never want anyone to feel that way so I plan on giving willow the best life possible, I don’t know how am going to do it but I plan on doing it. We came by this beautiful Yellow and white house. It was stunningly decorated with flowers and the lawn was nicely trimmed and in the back yard was a big Tree House big enough for me and Willow. Willow face lit up as we climbed the tree house that was the first time I’ve seen her smile since I’ve meet her. The Tree house had everything we needed a mini fridge fills with food; it also included an air mattress with a comfy blanket. Willow and I became adjusted very quickly. Willow was sound at sleep after eating the honeybun and drinking the Capri sun that was in the fridge. As for me I couldn’t sleep I had so much on my mind, like how me and willow would pull this off and how would we survived.

“Honey”, yelled a warmed voice “What Dear it’s too early for all the shouting” answered a crabbier voice. For a second I thought I was dreaming, but then I felt these warm gentle hands touching my face and that woke me up suddenly. Shivering with fear I jumped up and rushed in the corner. The lady look about mid 50’s her skin was fairly pale and her smile was pure, but I was still scared. “Oh dear, I’m sorry to startled you Hun it’s okay you don’t have to be scared, where are my manners, My name is Mary, but everyone call me Grams”. All of the sudden I started to speak very fast and quick explaining everything that happen and how I and Willow ended up in the Tree house and how we didn’t mean no harm and we really are good people. Her gentle hands reached and pressed against my Caramel cheeks, “slow down sweet cheeks everything is okay now; my old ears are too slow, so now I would like you to explain very slowly okay”. So I took my time and told her everything, just when I was about done her Husband walked up the Tree house. “What is it Mary, that’s causing you”, before he could even finish his sentence he noticed me and Willow hand in hand. “Oh you poor dear what happen to your face”, he asked me. Tired of explaining I stared crying and Willow started crying along with me. The old couple did not know what to do so both of them just ask me and Willow if we wanted breakfast.

We walked into the kitchen from the back and as we enter the smelled of warm toasted Cinnamon French Toast stick entered my noise. My stomach started the growl uncontrollably and pressing on it hard wasn’t helping at all. The elder lady and her husband pull out a chair and fixed me and Willow plates with freshly squeezed orange Juice. Willow and I quickly started eating as the couple go into the dining room to discuss. While we were eating this handsome boy about my age, 6ft maybe, light blow eyes dark brown hair walked in his smile reminds me of the elderly lady. “Hey there beautiful”, he said. I blushed blissfully assuming he was referring to me, but then he went to Willow and fluffed her hair. He then continued, “I didn’t know Grams and Pop-Pop had guest over my names Tristan by the way”. Before I could even say my name the elderly lady came in and said am happy you two have met, this is my charming grandson Tristan Poo, before she continued he shyly blushed and said “Grams”. I couldn’t help but laugh because his face was too cute. After the introduction Grams as she told me to call her invited us in the living room. She asked me if I had a plan and if I wouldn’t mind living with her and Pop-Pop and Tristan until My Case worker could find me a home. I didn’t know whether to hug them or to smile all I knew was that I was the happiest that I’ve ever been in a while. Then I got real serious real quick. “What’s the matter Hun”? , Grams asked “Nothing but what about Willow” I stated, “Of course she’s staying, two for the price of one how could we refuse”, Pop-Pop stated.

It’s been two weeks since me and Willow has been staying with Grams and Pop-Pop and life was treating us good. I went to school with Tristan every morning and Willow went to the Elementary School few blocks from the high school so Tristan and I would take turns and picks her up after school each day. I’ve never experience happiness in a while and as much as it felt good, I never got carried away because my 4th foster mother always told me, “Good things will never happen to people like us it’s just fact”. While walking to get Willow Tristan came out of nowhere and startled me. He started walking slowly next to me by the way he was walking I could tell he was uneasy but I didn’t know why. I wanted to ask what was wrong with him but I decided not to. While walking he paused, “I have something to ask you?” . I got worried for a second not knowing what he was about to ask. Then he swiftly took my hands and held it with hands having a feeling of what was going to take place next I started blushing intensely.” Do you like me”, he asked blushingly, “Of course Trist why would you ask such a silly question”, I said, realizing what he meant, trying to avoid the subject. He quickly came towards me his light blues staring into my hazels made me really ruffled. Before I could say stop his soft Lips was pressed against mines. “I meant that kind of like”, he said nervously. I admitted to liking him too but I told him my heart was too alarmed to be heart anymore and if he ever breaks it I will never forgive him and he agreed.

Tristan and I have been dating for four months now and it’s going surprisingly well. Of course like any other relationships we argue but unlike other relationships it was about stupid things like why do I eat like a pig and why does he have to be a total neat freak, so I couldn’t complain. This night however was a little weird Grams called me during school and said she had to go to the hospital because Tristan fainted. She didn’t tell me what caused the fainting but it sounded serious. Late in the night Grams and Pop-Pop came home but without Tristan. Grams looked very upset and I didn’t want to ask why. “Where’s Trist?” I asked. Pop-pop told me he had to stay in the hospital but no one would tell me why, I try asking and still no answer. Then unexpectedly Grams said, “His Cancer came back”. I was shocked because I dint even know he had cancer to begin with and I was Vexed because no one ever took the time to mention he had Cancer to begin. All night I wonder my room nervously not knowing what to do next and what I was going to do.

Tristan spent about 5 months in the hospital each day I would come to visit he look sicker and sicker. That day I came and brought him some sour patches which were his favorite. Just looking at him made me want to cry but I couldn’t. So I walked out of the room and went to the bathroom and hot tears rolled down my face forcefully. I wanted to scream and yell and ask God,” why, Why I’ve always been good and always did what I was told and when am finally happy my whole joy is taken away. While I was crying Tristan came into the bathroom he knocked softly and I open the door, when he entered I tried to wipe my tears but he took my hands and held me as tight as possible and at the moment I experience love for the first time since the age of 6. I didn’t know for sure what would happen, but at that moment I really didn’t care all I know was that this felt great and I pray it last forever.

The author's comments:
Its very Dear to my heart and i hope you like it.

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