May 4, 2012
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Day 1
I just entered my new hometown, Fairlane. It’s and old farm town filled with old people. I only have one friend here his name is Jason. I only know him because I ran into him at Target (which by the way is not in Fairlane.) I ran into him because I wasn’t watching where I was going. So we started talking and he told me he was from Fairlane and I told him I was moving there. He told me school was fun and everybody there was nice and that there are only 45 people in 7th grade.
Day 2
Today I’m unpacking all my junk. And I realized my mom kept my postcard collection. I thought she threw it out. Well since she didn’t I put them in the desk next to her bed. Anyways I put the pictures of my friends on my desk. I really miss them. I won’t be visiting until the summer because I moved 4 states away. I can’t wait. We get to go to the amusement park with them. And since it isn’t a vacation we are going to Disney World. I have never been to Disney World but it looks so cool and fun. My friend says her favorite ride is the Rockin’ Roller Coaster. She says it goes 0-60 in about 2 seconds. Anyways I just finished unpacking and now it’s time to put my stuff away.
Day 3
It’s raining outside and we were supposed to put up a trampoline today. Well I have to go my dad is calling for me.
Day 3, Night 2
Well I just heard the creepiest noise. I was more like somebody walking up the stairs when I’m home by myself. If you want to know why I’m by myself it’s because my parents are visiting the neighbors. So anyways I was listening to music when I heard a big bang and it scared me so I hid in my closet and when I didn’t hear it again I came out and heard a door slam shut which is weird because all the doors were shut. My parents just came home and told me to go to bed so goodnight.
Day 4
Today I am investigating the house. The stairs had some dust on it. It looked like footprints and my parents always wear shoes. I think something is weird around here. Anyways Jason is here so I have to go, bye.
Day 4, Night 3
So right now I’m on the balcony looking at the stars. They look so beautiful. I am starting to love Fairlane because it’s so peaceful. Jason says that you can see the little dipper perfectly and I finally saw it. I love the stars I never got a chance to see them as well because of all the city lights. Now they look like they are diamonds.
Day 5
So today is the first day of school and the girls there told me that a person died in my house and even worse in my room. I then went to the library and looked at the newspapers and saw a little girl named Elizabeth who would’ve been in my grade died because her dad stabbed her. I feel terrible. Her dad was sentenced to life in prison. I also learned that a woman hung herself in the hallway outside my bedroom because her son died. Why didn’t my parents tell me that there were people that died here? Or did they even know?

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