The Party

May 4, 2012
By marissak BRONZE, Smithtown, New York
marissak BRONZE, Smithtown, New York
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There seemed to be no stars in the dark blue, almost black sky. The air was damp and made those entering the house cheeks sticky. Several girls complained about the heat while fanning themselves with their open hand, unaware that it was no use. The air stuck to any exposed skin causing the teens outside to groan about how “disgusting and gross” they felt.

The house looked un-sturdy and almost as if it was about to topple over. The front lawn had various beer cans and bottles scattered about. The weeds that grew up against the side of the house had a yellowish tint to them, as did the rest of the lawn.

The lights that shined through the upstairs windows gave out a gold glow. There was only one light off while the other three remained on. Downstairs, different colors flickered out of the windows giving several of the drunks a pounding head ache. Voices were barely heard from outside due to the loud, obnoxious music being played.

Inside of the house, the floor was barely visible. Teenagers and young adults covered every inch of the downstairs. The kitchen was packed with people and some, due to the lack of space, were sitting on the counters. On top of the kitchen table was a clear plastic bowl that held the remains of potato chips. Several chips were now scattered on the floor, being crushed up into millions of pieces by those who walk by. A bowl of red punch was also resting on the table. A young man snuck the bowl off to the side of the kitchen and poured in a can of beer before returning it to its original location.

The stench of alcohol ran throughout the house, accompanied by the smell of vomit. Over-sprayed cherry perfume consumed the upstairs bathroom and most of the hallway outside of it.

In the living room, teenagers danced with others, no matter how old or young. Some stood on the couch dancing by themselves and shouting over the loud music. In the corner stood a group of girls whispering and cupping their hands against one another’s ears gossiping. Their eyes glared at a girl with long red hair and light brown freckles sprinkled across her nose who sat uncomfortably on the arm rest of the couch. She stared up at the obnoxious boys shouting and dancing on the couch in fear. The red plastic cup in her hand slowly rose up and met her lips gently. She sucked in a breath through her nose and smelt the pungent substance below. After taking a small sip, she found herself moving around the alcohol in her mouth from side to side. She quickly swallowed it and as she did so, it tingled while rushing down her throat. She then gulped down another, much larger, sip. This time, the alcohol stung violently as it made its way down.
The backyard held girls and boys from ages seventeen to twenty six. Girls staggered while gripping onto their friend’s arms as if their life depended on it. Some fell to their knees while throwing up what they drank earlier. Boys laughed at the girls and called several of them inappropriate names. Two boys sat outside on the grass laughing hysterically and poking fun at everyone who attended the party. They both held two brown beer bottles. One took a swig as his friend mumbled a joke under his breath. In response to the joke, the boy spit out his drink laughing.

Back inside, pictures tacked up fell from the wall. The glass shattered and only alarmed one by-stander. The rest of the company either ignored it, or didn’t even realize. The family in the picture was now covered in damaged and shattered pieces of glass. The rest of the house, just like the picture, was a complete wreck by now. Junk food was now on the floor and in between the couch’s cushions. Beverages were being spilt left and right, leaving a stain that will be more than difficult to get out later.

The owner of the home was upstairs in his room. He sat there alone and sulking about the night’s events so far. Outside the window he noticed red and blue lights making their way down the street. The lights were accompanied by loud sirens that could barely be heard over the music. The colors of blue and red lit up the night’s dark sky flashing frantically. They grew closer and closer to the house and suddenly, the blaring music stopped like a car’s breaks being hit at a stoplight. As the music stopped abruptly, so did the riot downstairs. A boy yelled for everyone to exit the house and the sound of teenager’s feet pounded and rumbled on the hardwood floor. Lamps and more picture frames of the perfectly posed family fell and broke once hitting the ground.

Two cop cars pulled up to the house and four officers emerged with flashlights. They walked slowly to the door searching and glancing around the yard. The officer in front knocked on the door with confidence and waited for an answer.

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