Time For Change

April 27, 2012
By katieyoung18 PLATINUM, Scottsboro, Alabama
katieyoung18 PLATINUM, Scottsboro, Alabama
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dont let the fear of striking out keep you from playing the game.

"It won't hurt i promise." A stout military officer told me looking deep into my soul. I stood there in a paper thin hospital gownkeeping one hand on my backside trying to keep it closed. My parents had already went through the metal door's to cloning, i haven't seen them since.

"How old are you?" He asked pulling a clipboard off the wall.
Last name?"
"You may walk through the doors."
The iron doors were starring down at me like a giant. The metal building had trapped me this was my only way out. Nausea invaded my body, I didn't like the icy metal against my hands as I began to push them open. A smell of burn't flesh and a mix of bleach,pinsol and ammonia slapped me in the face. I quickly pinch my nose together with my other hand and let go of the doors. Then stepped across the gateway of something unheard of in the twenty-first century. I had to try to remember the year.

It is twenty-fifty, we have flying cars, tv projected on walls, and cell phones on the top of your right hand.
The Doors slammed shut behind me, a straight jacket pantless man came running across the hall to the opposit room screaming.
"Back off evil demons!" I jump back, pressing my calves against the doors feeling the frozen atmosphere, to keep him from running into me I look in the room he came from, there was nothing. As i stood there pondering what had made the man go so crazy a frizzy haired doctor was walking down the hallway toward me. As she walked little flood lights flickered on above her head eluminating the tan doors on either side. She fimally stopped in front of me and stood there with her hands behind her back. After what seemed like a long time starring at each other she finally said,
"Follow me." She led me to a room at the far right,then unlocked the door with a very old key. As soon as I stepped in she quickly shut the door n locked probably thinking I would change my mind and escape. The room was a small box with a bed to the left of me against one wall, a nightstand, and a tolite on the opposite wall of the bed. It reminded me of a olf style jail cell my teacher's had taught my in grade school. I walked over and layed on the bed, before I knew sleep had taken my body. I felt myself drifting further and further into infinity between conciousness and dreamstate.

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