Protecting Her

April 24, 2012
Guys toss her back and forth
hurting her one minute
the asking forgiveness another
I watch her as she cries

Unable to help She forces me to watch.I stand shaking, fury running through me ,as she cries in my shoulder, I feel the wetteness seeping into my shirt and into my blood as if its holy water.

Done watch, resisting being support, I take my stand. I hold her to my side and walk her to my car. Her "boyfriend" see's this and tries to take her back. He ends up dazed and confused on his parents lawn.

She called me at his house and said he was getting violent at his party. I realized that night that it is my job as a friend to protect her and stop this from happening again. and that if you can't save the world, saving one is the next best thing.

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