College Life As a Freshman

April 24, 2012
By Ryker Everett BRONZE, Frannie, Wyoming
Ryker Everett BRONZE, Frannie, Wyoming
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It’s fourth quarter in Oregon the Oregon ducks vs. the Nebraska Huskies. The Ducks are down by 6 with 2:21 left on the clock. Coach Wilson puts in Ryker as wide receiver Cole as quarterback. Both players are freshmen in collage it’s their first game of the season and there adrenaline pumping through their bodies right now. Cole’s under center DOWN, SET, MOTION, MOTION, SET, HUT. The ball is snapped, Cole is running down the sidelines looking for his receiver. He finds Ryker down field at the 42, gain of 14. 2:14 left the clock is still running. Cole hurries everybody to the line. Cole quickly snapped the ball it’s a long pass to Steven the want to be jock in school. He catches it! He’s running down the sidelines! TOUCHDOWN! The ducks are still down by 1. It’s all in the kicker down, set, hut, he kicks it and it’s good. They won the game. Coach is very happy with the game he says “Good job boys way to put a dent in this season. Way to have are freshmen come through for us to pull off the win tonight”.

After the game the team went to Rib and Chop house for dinner. Cole, Ryker, and Steven wanted to go to the fancy restaurant right across the street they were walking over there, all of a sudden they here gunshots. Ryker and Cole run behind a car, but Steven isn’t coming, he’s not moving. Ryker and Cole rush to his side all you here are tires screeching across the asphalt. Ryker call the ambulance to get Steven help before he dies. After 10 minutes the ambulance appears out of know where. They take Steven to the hospital they realized that he had three bullet wounds one in the leg, chest and arm. After surgery Steven has thirty-five staples, sixty-nine stitches, and two steel plates in his chest. Steven get’s pulled out in a wheel chair all numbed up. He looks like a mummy without the toilet paper around him.

It’s Cole and Ryker’s first game as starters for the Oregon Ducks. With out Steven for their other wide receiver they have to put the back up running back name Insane Bolt. It’s first quarter and the Texas longhorns are up by two touchdown. Cole hasn’t been doing so well. Cole’s under center DOWN, SET, HUT. The ball is snapped all you hear are football pads hitting together like a car crash, and Cole is in the pocket still he throws to bolt in full stride…. He catches it in the in zone TOUCHDOWN. Ducks are still down by seven it’s the Longhorns ball with 1:20 left in the fourth quarter. The Longhorns run two plays and then the middle linebacker gets hurt and cant play. Coach Wilson tell Ryker your going to play a spot you never played before, but in the past when Ryker played middle linebacker in middle school. Ryker says “I got this coach” Ryker in the game with 1:12 left. The Longhorns snap the ball Ryker yells out “pass pass!” They throw the ball and Ryker intercepts the ball he’s running down the sidelines and no one can catch him TOUCHDOWN. The Duck’s do a two point conversion and get it so now ducks are winning by one point. There is 34 seconds left and they pass but can’t catch the ball. With 4 seconds left the throw up a hail marry they catch it, but then the safety get right on him for the tackle. Time runs out DUCKS WIN. Steven is so excited he stands up and rips out his stitches. So while Ryker and Cole are at Rib and Chop house Steven has to go get more stitches.

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this is the college i want to go to

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