April 24, 2012
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Date: July 16th Year: 20XX

Camp Star Light's day was coming to a close. In the clearing near the red embers of a bonfire, a single girl sits just outside the flickering light of the fire circle. Tears ran down her face as she replayed the course of events from that night. Ryan, the most handsome guy at camp, who she had a relationship with for the past three weeks, had called her out halfway through the bonfire ceremony.
"Hey Serenity, I think we need to talk. See its not that I don't like you, its just that your personality isn't really like mine. I think you should just move on and find someone who is better suited for you."
Serenity could do little else but feel numb inside. This boy, who she felt was going to be a new part of her world had only in the course of two minutes, shattered it completely. She could do little else but nod to his statements and hold in her emotions just long enough for him to leave her in the darkness of the forest. Once alone, she finally broke down in tears. Her home was not something she looked forward to going back to. Her sister was kicked out a year ago, and her brother had run away about the same time. She rarely heard from either of them, and her parents practically ignored her.
The gentle blow of the wind moved her black hair across her face as she huddled under the tree. They would come looking for her eventually, just hopefully not yet. She raised her head as the sounds of muffled footsteps came her way...
She seemed to always be above him. All that Andy could do was watch her as she was taken by Ryan. He couldn't stand the boy, at 16, he seemed to be able to make any woman fall for him and ended up treating them like trash. The worst part was that he had to share a cabin with Ryan for the two months that camp was open. In the meantime, Serenity was the most beautiful and charming girl he had ever met. She was intelligent, and funny, yet quiet and reserved. Everything about her was alluring and yet modest. He just never had the courage to talk with her for more than five minutes and thanks to his stupidity, he never managed to get to her before Ryan set his greedy eyes on her.
While it may have only been a crush at first, the pain was real when he heard that she began to go out with him, and it was something that he felt would stay with him. His only options were to wait for her, or give up and giving up was not an option...not for her. So when he saw Ryan take Serenity into the woods during the bonfire, he became worried and relieved at the same time. There was no contest of the imagination about what Ryan had done with girls in these woods, and the idea of him doing that to her sickened him. However, he knew that Serenity would make her choice if he did bring up that particular subject. The only other reason he would bring her into the woods was for what he did best, breaking hearts. It was how Ryan operated and the signs had all been there: first-ignore her for a period of time to make it seem as though something is wrong; Second- bring them to a secluded area away from their friends to make her trust you and feel as though she can rely on you; Third-Drop the bomb in a gentle tone, make her feel like she should chase you. The only reason Andy knew Ryan's operations was because of how much he bragged about them at the campsite.
His suspicions were confirmed when Ryan emerged a half hour later with Serenity nowhere in sight. It took no less than a second for Andy to make up his mind to cross the field while the ceremony was wrapping up to go and find her. It wasn't very hard, the muffled cries were still noticeable to his sensitive ears and he began to follow the cries of the girl that Ryan had so systematically destroyed.
Serenity lifted her head and wiped her eyes. How dare this intruder did not allow her the time she needed to be on her own. Probably a counselor waiting to drag her back to the campfire. This rude, obnoxious person really should-
"Serenity?...I um wanted to see if you were okay. I can wait until you're ready..."
Amazingly, whoever the owner to this voice was, they were behind the tree she was under. All she could do was sit there with her knees to her chin in shock that this person would not come around to comfort her. Serenity didn't know whether or not to feel pain, anger, or thankfulness. Her thought was cut short when a hand touched hers
"Serenity, I understand that you're hurt right now. But don't blame yourself. Let out all the pain right now. You are a strong girl and a guy like that is not the right one for you."
Finally feeling strong enough to stand, Serenity stood up and turned around to this mysterious person that had come up to her apparently knowing her situation. Needing to know who it had been, she turned around, but to her amazement no one was there...
Andy knew that approaching her directly was not a good idea, especially with how vulnerable she was and he knew she would most likely be very upset if he walked to her when she was that upset. Knowing that she had heard him step toward her, he maneuvered his way around the tree quickly so that he did not see completely. She inhaled quickly and before he could lose his nerve, Andy spoke:
"Serenity?...I um wanted to see if you were okay. I can wait until you're ready."
He sat down quickly as his face turned red. She didn't reply to him at all. All he could hear was her quick breaths as she cried her pain away. The need and desire to take away that pain from her caused him to do something he never though he would do. He put his hand over hers and instantly felt his heart lift practically out of his chest. He felt as if he had hit paradise and was no longer aware of what he was saying.
As soon as he felt her hand fall aware, he immediately got up and unsure of what to do, hid in the nearest group of evergreen trees. He saw her get up and stare bewildered into the surroundings around her and walk back towards the campfire. He had to wait while his heart restarted before he made his way back toward his cabin.Serenity started walking. Shocked from the experience with the boy in the dark, she had no idea who it had been. Thoughts were spinning through her head as she emerged again through the same path that Ryan had taken her 45 minutes previously.
She turned abruptly from the shout that came from across the clearing. Three flashlights zeroed in on her face the moment she turned around and she could just barely make out the faces of her friends Kristen, Andrea, and Brooke. Within seconds they were next to her:
"OMG we couldn't find you"
"We saw you go in the woods with Ryan, are you okay?"
"Have you been crying?"
"What's the matter?"
All that she could do was stand there without speaking, thinking about that lone boy who had comforted her by just being next to her when she needed it. And she had not idea who it was. The overwhelming urge to find out who this person was took hold of her and she began walking with purpose back towards the girl's cabins.
Word apparently travels fast because a whole horde of friends and girls that she didn't even know were there to comfort her about the problem with Ryan.
"Don't worry about it, he wasn't worth the time girl."
"Such a player, at least he didn't take advantage of you."
"Want me to kill him girl? I know some people..."
The list of condolences went on and on. Finally, Serenity had enough and opened her mouth to speak.
"Enough, yes it hurts what Ryan did to me...and no Trisha, you can't kill him. But something amazing happened after he dumped me in the woods..." She proceeded to tell them all about the mysterious boy in the woods. The kind words that he said, how considerate he had been, and how safe he made her feel.
"That's what happened. I need to find out who he is...badly..."The looks on the faces on the girls around her told her she had much help.Andy began to dash back to the boy's campsite. How stupid had he been, thinking he could be her hero. What was he planning on doing next? He never seemed to plan things out far ahead. Well, he supposed that it was a good idea that she hadn't seen his face. He may still have a chance with her if she didn't know who exactly he was. With the campsite in sight, he could see a group of boys sitting around a small fire and he was relieved to see that Ryan was not among them.
"Hey Andy, you certainly were out late roaming the woods."
Andy panicked from the sudden voice that emerged from the brush behind him.
"Jeez Lawrence, you could be a freaking ninja with the way you walk."
Lawrence Nightly was his best friend from the past three years and was one of the greatest and understanding people he had ever met in his life.
"Ahh it's not my fault that you are slow when it comes to noticing people."
Andy turned and started walking closer to the circle of boys and Lawrence kept talking:
"Didn't see you at the bonfire for quite some time my friend, nor did I see Ryan for the first 20 minutes. Something happen?"
Andy held up two fingers and pointed towards Lawrence's cabin. The symbol meant that he would be at Lawrence's cabin at 2 am and they would talk so no one would hear them.
They then took their seats among the ranks of bodies that surrounded the fire and from the storytelling that was going on, he could hear what Ryan had been saying about Serenity and what had happened in the woods. It angered him greatly and it took all of his willpower to keep him from bursting out in rage to make them shut up and stop disrespecting her. This went on for about 20 more minutes and they all ended up returning to their cabins along the valley. As Andy set his alarm for 2 am, he put the vibrate on so that Ryan would not be woken.

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