Love Can Be Found

April 21, 2012
By Anonymous

Today started as an ordinary school day for 13 year old Isadora,she wasn't anticipating anything new today.Her alarm clock went off and it was as difficult to get out of bed as all the other days.Finally Isadora got dressed and looked into the mirror one last time her pretty,almost black eyes staring back blankly at her and her cocoa skin along with her black hair,bangs pulled back with a dainty zebra bow.She got her book bag and made her walk down to the bus stop.She saw her friends Nasir,Niari,and Timara.They all had a jumbled excited greetings.Isadora said aye back and she joined in their joking of people,and the events of yesterday's track meet.Shortly afterward,the bus had appeared and she and her friends quickly hurried to the bus stop.On the bus they continued their conversation,weak with laughter.The bell rang and Isadora met up with her best friend,Kruti. Isadora excitedly told Kruti of the track meet and all the things that happened.Isadora checked her phone, the bell was going to ring.Isadora said bye to Kruti and went to her first bell class,chorus.She sang all the songs but her mind was elsewhere.Chorus dragged by and Isadora went to art class.She got her clay project out and greeted her friend Alexis.Isadora really liked Alexis because she took the blame for the stolen money back in January,and had gotten out-school suspension.Isadora had shudders as she thought of the incident.As she worked on her clay project,Alexis told Isadora about getting back together with a old boyfriend.It made Isadora think of how she wanted to be with someone.All too soon art class was over.Isadora went to Mr.Walton's class-or Mr.D*ickhead as her friend more familiarly called him outside of class.Isadora was longing to go back home.The math was difficult and she was tired.Math was over and Isadora hurried to lunch.The strange thing was Isadora never ate lunch and just talked the whole time.She walked to study hall with her friends and did her homework and slept.Isadora was quite startled when the bell rang.Isadora was glad it was the last class of the day,science.In science she got the notes and slept until the last five minutes of class.The dismissal bell rang and Isadora rushed out of the building to the bus.Her friends soon arrived on the bus as well.She got off the bus and made the short walk home with her friend,Tiara. Happy and relieved to be in the house,Isadora said hello to her sister and mother and went to take a nap.When she awoke,her mother had gone to work and her sister outside to play.Isadora decided to take a stroll and not long after walking she met a cute guy.As Isadora saw him,she was glad she made her 11:11 wishes most nights.His name was Daequan.He was tall thin and had pretty light brown eyes.He also had a wonderful smile and was very funny.Isadora was laughing,a real laugh.She hadn't done that in months.He gave her his number and he walked her home in the dark.By the time Isadora got home it was nine at night.Isadora was glowing on the inside she hadn't felt that happy in quite sometime.As soon as she got out of the shower she called him.Even though it was eleven at night,and they both had school tommorow,they were on the phone until two in the morning.They had agreed to spend sometime together the next day after Isadora's mom left for work.The next day flew by,and Isadora was bubbling with excitement.When she saw Daequan she hugged him and he gave her a peck on the cheek.Isadora was now smiling and couldn't stop.They talked and laughed and he held her for sometime.When it was eight at night he asked her out.With no hesitation,Isadora said yes.They made out for ten minutes and he walked her home.Isadora felt like she was going to burst with joy.She told Kruti and then listened to music before drifting to sleep.She knew things were going to change.

The author's comments:
The names have been changed but this based off of a real story.

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Not very descriptive and needs more personal feel but keep writing :)


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