My Bother's Car

April 21, 2012
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My breath fogged up the glass of the passenger seat window in my brother’s green Chevy. I made a smiley face in the fog before it quickly faded. I slumped lower in my seat, tired of the once cool, new car already.

It didn’t have that new car smell, mostly because it wasn’t new, it was used, but instead smelled like spoiled cheese and diet Pepsi. The passenger seat sunk downward, probably because someone of sumo wrestler proportions sat in the very spot I was sitting in. The glove compartment door didn’t match the rest of the interior. The car dealer assured my brother that it hadn’t been replaced so it was probably just some odd attempt at being avant garde, but just ended up looking tacky.

When I’d first seen the car, I had gone over the moon. What fourteen year old girl didn’t dream of owning her own car? And now that my brother had obtained one, there was hope for me in the future. But personally, I’d rather ride a unicycle to school that the hunk of junk my brother had been saddled with.

He however, seemed overjoyed to be riding in the biggest piece of cr*p this side of Jersey. His brown eyes gleamed and he was gripping the steering wheel firmly. He’d passed his driving test on the first try and mom had taken him out for dinner.

I’d gotten first place in the science fair for the fourth time in a row the same week, but who gives a d*mn about Shannon?

Anyway, my brother was deluding himself into thinking his car was a shiny, brand spanking new Ferrari, when really it was just a cheap, used Chevy. Sure it was in a pretty dark green color, but it was still lame.

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