Two Bullies Collide

April 20, 2012
By Sprite123455 SILVER, Brooker, Florida
Sprite123455 SILVER, Brooker, Florida
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I hung my head low as I shuffled down the crowded hallway. I was making an effort not to be noticed. A few minutes later, a tall figure came into view. I realized ,with muffled terror, that it was Bud. He is a massive senior, but his brawn overpowered his miniscule brains. He was a boulder in the narrow hallway. He also had a look of pure rage plastered on his face. This caused my swift decision to slip into the classroom to the right of me to avoid him. I leaned into the room and the occupants looked at me in confusion. That's when I heard a bone rattling yell vibrate through the then walls. Like a herd of cattle, the class rumbled around me and poured into the hall. I squeezed through the right crowd to see that Jeff, another gargantuan with a pea for a brain, was in Bud's face throwing vile insults at Bud like they were pointed daggers. Jeff got too close and Bud gave him an arduous shove that sent him hurtling into a wall. “If you ever touch her again I swear I'll kill you!” screamed Bud with a fire of true repugnance burning in his strong brown eyes. Jeff, to our shock, began to rattle with hysterical laughter. “She said no but I know she wants me!” he shouted between giggles, “Why would she ever want to be with a hideous boy like you?” Bud roared with fury as Jeff hopped up and bolted toward him. Their bodies collided with a harsh thud and Bud threw the first mighty punch. His fist connected with a sickening force and the echoing crunch of Jeff's nose under the impact resounded throughout the hall. The circling students were in a riot, egging the battle onward. As speedy as Bud was, Jeff was quicker. Jeff's colossal foot rapidly struck Bud's stomach repeatedly until a deafening crack jolted from Bud's ribcage. It was a blur of fists and blood. The vice principal dashed into the middle of the scuffle and the football coach grasped Bud by the shoulders and was incorporating all of his strength to hold the powerful adolescent back from his equally struggling target. The assistant principal slammed Jeff severely against the unforgiving brick wall. They were both hauled to the front office still slinging profanities to one another. The following day, I learned that they were both suspended for 2 months. I am thrilled that I got out of their way when I did, because if I hadn't, I'd be the one splattered up and down the school hallway.

The author's comments:
Bullying is a terrible thing. Fighting is a terrible thing. This shows how bad things can get when you go too far.

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