Long Way From Camp

April 19, 2012
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“This way guys, I think I see a familiar path,” 16 year old Mary Jane stated as she lead her younger brother and twin sister to a less dingy path.

“Um, are you sure you know what you’re talking about?” 13 year old Ralphael reassured his older sister.

“Can you pick out a better pathway for us to follow?” Tajlynn the other twin pointed out.

“Um, no but don't you think—,” he hesitated.

“Well, then trust me on this one, learn how to relax sometimes and let others do the work for you,” concluded Mary Jane.

Tajlynn glanced at her watch.

“Hey Jane, we only have about an hour left until sunset. Do you think maybe it's time to start unpacking our bags and setting up to go to sleep,” she suggested.

“Yeah, good idea. Let's stop in front of that pond over there.”

The three siblings began their journey over to where the pond was located. They took off their backpacks and set them along the river bank. Ralphael opened up his back pack and unraveled three long, skinny, vomit green pallets. Each sibling unraveled their and set it up right next to each other’s.

“Ralph, don't scoot your pallet to close to mine! You know how you like to snore!” Mary Jane snapped.

“Ralph, it's okay. You can come sleep by me,” Tajlynn softly offered. Mary Jane eyed her reflection.

“Sometimes, I wonder if you’re being a bit too nice, Taj.”

“Yeah, whatever. You just need to worry about not getting your panties in a wad.”

It was true. If something ever went wrong, Mary Jane would be the first to tell you. She hardly ever thought about what she could say before she said it. Tajlynn and Mary Jane bumped heads sometimes but not all the time because Tajlynn knew just what to say or do to make her sister shut up. A lot of the times Ralphael did too, but Mary Jane could be too tough to handle at times.

“Okay, I’ll be the first to um, you know wash my face so I can go to sleep,” stated Ralphael.

“No problem,” replied Tajlynn.

Before the children knew it, it was nighttime. They were eventually sleep within minutes. They’re dreams were as sweet as candy and their bodies wiggled like worms.

The sun rose the next morning, waking the children. When Tajlynn woke up she noticed a little red spot on her pillow. She then touched her freckled nose to discover she had dry, fire engine red blood on it.

Eww! She thought.

Not again!

She tossed her blanket off her skinny body and skipped to the murky round pond. She cupped her hands and dipped them into the water. Then she carefully lifted them to start cleaning her nose. Mary Jane awoke to the sound of water and decided to join her sister.

“What’s wrong with you?” Mary Jane sneered.

“I had a bloody nose last night and I’m cleaning the blood off my nose,” explained Tajlynn.

Mary Jane began to check herself frantically.

“Yuck! I hope you didn’t get any on me.”

“Will you calm down? I didn’t even get any on myself,” Tajlynn said as she rolled her eyes.

“Sometimes you’re just too much for me.”

Mary Jane rolled her eyes and continued what she was doing.

“Good morning Jane and Taj,” Ralphael greeted as he stretched his arms beyond his head.

“Good morning bro,” Tajlynn smiled.

“Yeah, yeah good morning,” Mary Jane retorted.

Tajlynn hit her sister on the arm, giving her a disapproving look.

“It’s not like he’ll take what I say to heart,” Mary Jane said as snobbish as ever.

The group packed up their bags and belongings and headed to what they thought was the right way.

“Walk faster! Your just like a turtle,” snapped Mary Jane.

“Whatever!” cried Ralphael.

Mary Jane had a consistency of being mean to people. She was even mean to her siblings when they were completely nice to her. She was rarely nice to her brother, but had no choice but to calm her anger down with her sister. Tajlynn and their parents were the only people who had control over Mary Jane’s attitude. In the past, she had lost friends and gained some with her attitude. She was still in the process to gain control over her attitude. Her parents had even threatened to send her to a counseling class, but Mary Jane insisted that she’d change her ways.

“Have you gotten any service in this surrounding?” Mary Jane asked Tajlynn.

“Nope. We aren’t really around open areas anyways. My connection sometimes is as slow as molasses,” Tajlynn retorted.

The siblings continued to trot, getting slower as the minutes passed.

“Ugh, are we there yet?” questioned Ralphael as he stopped for a minute to take a breath.

Mary Jane turned to face her brother. Tajlynn spun around looking to see what Mary had to say.

“Okay look you little twerp. We will get there when we get there, okay? We are almost there anyway so just calm down and keep on waiting,” said Mary Jane.

“If you insist,” Ralphael answered.

As the children walked on, they felt familiar with the path. They began walking faster to discover their parents truck sitting in the campground park right around from where the cabins were.

“Let’s go find them before they’re worried sick,” suggested Mary Jane.

“Great idea, sis,” smiled Ralphael.

They sped their way toward the cabins anxious to see their parents.

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