the land of one thousand hippies

April 19, 2012
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The land of one thousand hippies
One day I woke up feeling adventures. I had no plan, just the change in my pocket and a bag on my back. So I started from my house to the land of the unknown. I ventured near and far and as I traveled I started seeing signs saying peace is here, and all hippies welcome. So I continued on and I eventually reached the land of one thousand hippies. There were booths for tie-dyeing shirts and how to make dandelion crowns. I went into one booth that said hippie trip for two dollars. When I got in the booth I got a feeling that these were not the tour trip I thought it was, so I left there and moved on I visited booth after booth staying away from the ever so constant druggie booths. I talked and ate lunch with a group of hippies. They were great, fun and not druggies. Thank goodness, but sadly the day was coming to an end and I would have to venture home. So I said good bye grabbed my thing and hit the road. Once I got home I said hello to my parents and ate dinner then went to bed wondering about what I will do tomorrow.

The End.

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