Walt Disney Town

April 16, 2012
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It started May 5, 2011. My family did not tell me that they had planned on going to Walt Disney. I had already planned on going to Daytona Beach with my friends. I heard a knock at the door and I went to answer it. Dorothy was standing there asking if I’m ready. Before I stopped to pick up my bags I took Dorothy outside to talk to her.

“What is wrong?” she asked.

“Nothing,” I told her. “But I can't go with you to Daytona Beach.” She started to bawl.


“I have to go to Walt Disney with my family.”

“Fine,” she said. “I understand.” I walked her to her van with her crying and said good bye as she backed out of the driveway. I walked into the house and there stood my parents with grins on their faces and they gave me a hug.

“What was that for?” I asked.

“For going with us,” they said and walked up stairs to go get ready for the road trip to Walt Disney. I went to the kitchen to fix a sandwich and a drink with chips.
I stopped because I heard my parents talking and making noises. All of a sudden, my sister, Jane, came down and asked, with her bags in her hand, “Are we ready?” Jane is three feet tall with long blonde hair, blue eyes, and pearly white teeth. My parents said that we were ready and she ran out the door to the car and jumped in the back seat and buckled up. Mom, Dad, and I got in and then Dad put the car in reverse and we backed out the drive way.

Jane and I fell asleep on the way to Orlando. We woke up when our mom tugged on our legs to tell us we were at the hotel. We walked through the lobby of the Tipton Inn to the check in counter. The lobby was big with a fountain in the middle of it. We got to the desk and signed in and got the key to our room. We went to the elevator to climb fourteen floors to room 1436. Our room was so huge I thought we were in the lobby. We each choose a room and got ready for bed.

The next day a bright light shone in my room and hit me in my face. I woke up got dressed and headed to the kitchen. The kitchen table was covered with food and mom was cooking up a storm.

“Good morning, Sunshine,” she said as I grabbed a piece of bacon from the table.

“Good morning,” I replied.

Once everyone else was up and fed, we got what we needed and headed for the lobby. We walked out of the inn and there, sitting in front of the lobby doors, was a limo. The driver was holding a sign that said Cruiser Family. We walked up and told him we were the Cruiser family. He held open the door to the limo, with a smile on his face. “Jump in,” he said.

“What!?!” my Dad asked incredulously.

“Don't make me repeat myself,” the driver joked and we jumped in the limo.

“Where may I take you?” the driver asked and we all said excitedly “WALT DISNEY!” The driver asked which park we were going to and we said Hollywood studios.

“Ok,” he replied. “Next stop—Hollywood Studios.”

He stepped on the gas and before we knew it we were at Hollywood Studios. There wasn’t a line at the gate so we walked right in as the limo took off. At first, it was so quiet, but then we heard laughter in the background. We followed it to a huge crowd of people surrounding the crash course. Immediately, I noticed this really cute guy. I could tell he was in good shape. He had six pack abs, really bright blue eyes, and long hair that he kept shaking out of his face. All of a sudden, I noticed he was looking at me, too. Then, with a smile and a wink, he started walking toward me.

“Hey,” he said to me. “How’s it going?”

“Good,” I said. OMG, why is this cute guy talking to me!?! I thought, but I stayed cool and said “You?” Real smart Sadielyn, a really cute guy comes over to talk to you and all you can get out is two words?

“So, you're pretty cute,” he said.

“Thank you,” I said.

“No problem,” he said and shook his hair out of his face.

“You're pretty cute, too,” I said to him.

“Yeah, thanks,” he said.

“You’re welcome,” I said. “What’s going on here?” I asked and he told us it was a show where cars jumped and crashed. “Cool!” I said. “Let’s go and watch. It might be fun.” We all found seats in the stadium and cute guy came and sat next.

“You gotta name?” he asked.

“Sadielyn Cruiser,” I said.

“Cool. Sadielyn. I’m Shane Balts. You live in Orlando?”

“No. I live in Wakulla County,” I said.

“Oh, yeah? I live in Tallahassee,” he said.

“No way,” I said.

“Yes,” he told me.


“So, you want to go out with me?” he asked.

“Yes,” I said. So we all watched the show and it was cool. Shane and I held hands we decided to go to a lot of other places. We went to take pictures with Mickey Mouse and Handy Mandy. Then, we rode a rollercoaster that looped in a circle three times. Next, we watched a show with the actors of Disney Channel. We saw so many different sets, even one that looked like you were in New York City. Afterwards, we signed up for the American Idol competition and I won it! It was so much fun.

We decided to visit some gift shops and bought hats and pins. The sky started to turn purple and pink, but we knew we still had five hours before the park closed so we decided to go on the ride that shows all the movies Disney has ever made. Finally, we met back up with my family and we all watched the fireworks together. When, we left the park, the limo driver was waiting for us with the door open. “Wow, cool,” Shane said. “Could I ride in the limo with you?”

“Sure,” I told him and he ran to ask his mom. Then he came back and said that he could go so we all got in the limo and drove off.

“Where is your family staying, Shane,” my mother asked.

“The Tipton Inn,” Shane said.

“Oh, how nice. That is where we are staying, too,” I said. The limo stopped and the driver came around and opened the door. We crawled out and we all walked through the lobby and waved to the lady behind the desk. We enter the elevator Then we pressed our floor number and Shane’s and the doors closed and up we went. The first stop was floor thirteen, which was Shane’s floor. We said goodbye and then the doors closed and it went up one more floor and then it DINGED it was our floor. We then get off the elevator and then the elevator door closed.

We go straight to the suite and I go to my room and get ready for bed. But, I could not go to sleep. I couldn’t stop thinking of Shane. Finally, I close my eyes. In the morning, I awake to a light in my face again. I get up and get dressed, brush my teeth, and go to the kitchen. There stood mom, in the kitchen again. I stretched and said good morning and my mom said it back .My mom told me we were going to leave tomorrow so we are going to Walt Disney one more time.
I was shocked that we were leaving. I ran out the door to the elevator and the door was open so I pressed number thirteen. The elevator shot down then DINGED and then the doors opened and I ran to Shane’s door. I knocked on the door and heard someone say “who is it?”

“Sadielyn,” I said.

“Come in,” they said. I went in and told Shane that this was our last day in Orlando.

“Please don't go,” he said.

“I have to,” I told him.

“Ok,” he said and I walked out and headed to the elevator. I stepped inside, pushed the button to my floor and was watching the doors close when Shane opened it and said “I can't let you go.”

He jumped in the elevator and held my hand. Then the ding of the elevator announced floor fourteen and he walked me to my door and said good bye. He went to the elevator and waved good bye. I walked in our suite and there stood my parents staring at me.

“Why did you run out like that?” Mom asked.

“I had to go tell Shane we are leaving tomorrow,” I told her.

“What did he say?” she asked.

“That he is going to miss me.”

“Oh, ok. Just don’t do that again.”

“Ok,” I told her. So then we ate and then we got dressed and went to Walt Disney and rode the Rocking Roller Coaster. It went in a circle three times. When I got off my body was numb.

Next, we all went to the Tower of Terror. It dropped us so fast I thought I was falling down but I was not. After that, I text Shane and told him where I was. Then, he sent back that he was on his way there so I decided to keep riding while I waited for him. Then, I got a text he said he was here. So then I sent “where are you?” and he told me by the dinosaur shaped building. I got off the Tower of Terror and I ran to the dinosaur shaped building. There he was, all cute, shaking his hair out of his face. I run and jump in his arms and kiss him. Then the sky started to turn purple and pink again.

We decided to ride rides. Then my parents said they have to go back to the hotel and eat Chinese food. So Shane asked if he could come and my parents said sure. My parents said it was time for bed Shane and I kissed good night and I went to bed. The next morning we got up did what we needed to do and left. I kissed Shane goodbye again before I left. Then we got in the car and headed home. Jane and I fell asleep again when we woke up, it was night. We went inside and got dressed for bed and then I looked at my mom.

“You know who I miss, Mom?” I said

“Yes, I know,” she responded.

“Go to bed, now,” she told me. She kissed my head and told me goodnight. After that she closed the door and walked to her room. I then dosed off to sleep.

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