The woods

April 15, 2012
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Wind combed through the branches of the trees, causing stray leaves to flutter gently to the ground. They gathered there in piles on the soft green moss that had grown at the tree’s base. Enough of the fallen leaves had changed colors so that when the breeze picked up the forest floor came alive with color that danced through the woods in the fall wind. The air was cool this time of year, but in patches where the branches had become barren sunlight shone down warming the air. A mess of trees gathered, tangled and decaying along the forest floor mosses and ferns. Near the fallen trees dripped a small creek opening from a small spring miles away, flowing through feeding the vegetation along its bed. The nourishment the stream provided had created an array of flowers and greenery that would have otherwise perished so far into the season. The area, so far from civilization, was usually full of animals, but today their presence had been made scared by the two humans who sat resting against the fallen trees. Here in this little piece of paradise.

He sat above her watching as her chest fell in rhythmic patterns. She’s stirring he observed looking down her eyelids flitted just on the edge of sleep. He sat back, and looked around he smiled appreciatively, not the usual place where he came, but it was impressively beautiful, he was lucky to have stumbled upon it. He glanced over at her taking a moment to admire it all. She would create quite a ruckus when she woke up, the thought made him smile slightly. He reached out and traced a finger through her hair which waved in dark curls around her face. A few stray pieces had fallen into her eyes he loved how it contrasted with her flawless alabaster skin. Tracing his hands down her face he let them rest at the place where he knew her lips were. Even though he couldn’t see them through the duct tape he knew they, like the rest of her, were beautiful, large puckered and pink.

“She really is breathtaking,” he murmured aloud. “It’s a shame that things had turned out the way they had.” He sighed looking down at her body, lying there now in the wondrous place it looked as though she could’ve simply fallen asleep against the trees. He could almost convince himself that was what had happened if it wasn’t for the dark bruise that was forming near her temple; she really hadn’t made this easy for him. The deep scratches running down his arm and face were proof of that. He had underestimated her. She was so small he had assumed that getting her into the van would’ve been easy, but the bruise on her forehead proved otherwise. He hadn’t planned on knocking her out, but not to worry he thought. I wont’ be making the same mistake next time.

Then without warning her eyes flew open, and for a brief moment she looked stunned unable to comprehend her surroundings. Then her eyes landed on him a flash of understanding flitted across those dark eyes followed by a look of hurt and betrayal.

“O don’t look at me like that Anna.” He said quietly. “You didn’t really think we were friends did you.” he extended his hand wiping one of the tears that were falling quickly down her face “Don’t cry” he said voice suddenly gentle. “For you , this will all be over soon.” He opened his mouth to continue, but was cut off by a voice calling through the tree’s.
“Anna.” The voice shouted distant but clear.“That’s a shame,” the man said his eyebrows creasing together “It usually takes them much longer to find me out here. This isn’t going to leave me much time for fun,” he thought glancing down at the knife in his hand.
“Help,” The girl’s voice rang out. “Help please I’m over here I’m ov..” He lunged at her covering her mouth where the duct tape had fallen off. He reached into his back pocket pulling out a bit of cloth and stuffed it into her mouth stifling her cries, but the damage had already been done.

“Dammit,” he swore hitting the ground. Then sighing he straightened up, and calculated about how much time he had before the rescue party arrived. He could he hear the cries of “Anna” growing closer “only a few minuets,” he concluded. So with a sudden calm he reached into his pocket pulling out a long knife.
“You know this truly is a shame.” He frowned, “I really was going to have fun with you.”

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