The Beginning

April 15, 2012
By DreamHighx BRONZE, Parsippany, New Jersey
DreamHighx BRONZE, Parsippany, New Jersey
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"Never frown because you never know who will fall in love with your smile"

I stared at the cold, white wall in front of me as I listened to the teacher talk about inequalities. I wanted to leave class as quick as I can, but the bell just wouldn't ring. I looked at the student next to me who was sleeping. Dang. that kid must have had some supernatural powers. He gets the best grades in the whole entire grade and he doesn't even listen during class! He eats during classes, but I’m already use to it since it has already been three weeks since I transferred. I hope I don’t become friends with him. I’m anti-social for your information. I hate talking and I hate being noticed. You’re probably thinking, ‘why in the world is she anti-social?’ Well, I just am. I was probably born to be this way. When the bell finally rang, I dashed out the door and on the corner of my eye I saw people surprised. I walked to my next class which is social studies. I always loved that class for some reason. Maybe because it’s the only class I could fall asleep in. I stared at the teacher and when she wasn't looking I plopped on the table and closed my eyes. I dreamed about myself at home enjoying a good evening meal. I was watching TV and doing stuff I enjoy doing. Out of blue, I heard the bell ring and I jumped up from my seat and hurried out of class. Phew, the teacher didn't catch me sleeping. Next is lunch and it’s my favorite time of the day. I get to cool off and relax. No teachers talking, no homework for this class, and I don’t have to pay attention to anything. I sat down on my seat and relaxed. I thought about how I was going to start my new high school life since I just transferred. I wonder if I should still stay the way I am or maybe I should change. Maybe I should start socializing with people. It could be fun, but hard at the same time. My mind was clouded with thoughts until this girl walked up to me.

“Hi! Are you the new girl? Nice to meet you! I’m Nicole. What’s your name?” she asked cheerfully.

“Um. Hey. I’m Stephanie,” I introduced myself shyly.

“That’s such a cute name! No one in this school have that kind of cute name!” Nicole smiled and sat next to me. She opened up her lunch box and started eating her peanut butter sandwich. We talked about random stuff and discussed the things we have in common. It was actually fun having a friend like her. The bell started ringing and it was time for English class. I rushed to my class because I've always hated being late. The teacher talked and I listened while dozing off. A few classes passed and it was finally after school. I hurried to Nicole’s locker and waited for her to finish grabbing her stuff. We walked home together since we live near each other. I was happy I met someone like her; I want my life to be like this forever. A few months passed and Nicole and I are still great friends. We walk to school together and we walk home together. We hang out during lunch and we talk to each other during some classes. Each day was happy and exciting until that day came. I noticed that she wasn't in school and if she had a fever or went on vacation, I would be the first person she would inform. However, I got no text messages from her and no emails. I was getting worried. As I slowly passed her house on my way home, I saw police cars and her parents weeping. I knew for sure something bad happened to her. I ran up to them and begged for them to tell me what happen.
Her mother held my hands and slowly whispered, “She died in a car accident. I’m sorry, Stephanie. She died.”
My hands started trembling. “No way. That’s not possible. How?! I don’t believe this!” I started running. Tears were streaming down my face. I couldn't stop crying, my heart was aching. This got to be a dream. I dashed into my house and slammed my bed room door. I screamed, I yelled, I cursed, and slapped myself. My first friend is dead. She’s not alive anymore. How am I going to still live on my high school life? My life is pointless without her. Blackness started covering my heart. I felt emotionless, I felt like nothing in this world is important. My mom slowly walked into my room without me noticing. She sat down next to me and had a very long chat with me. I started to understand and how I shouldn't just throw away my life like that. I’m sure that if I do that, Nicole wouldn’t be happy either. If I continue to live on my life, I can probably make new friends and become happy. I’m sure Nicole would be happy to hear that I made new friends. I’m sure she will.

The author's comments:
Never give up your life so easily.

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