April 13, 2012
By andrewbishop SILVER, Peru, Indiana
andrewbishop SILVER, Peru, Indiana
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The frightened girl crept through the dark house. She was creeping along the cold ground blindly, as if she was searching for something. She was going about this task by touch, extending her thin, long arms out ahead of her to feel what lay ahead. Suddenly she felt a prick on her hand, followed by a stinging pain that shot up her arm. What she didn’t know was that a broken window had blanketed the floor beneath it with razor sharp glass. Another thing she didn’t know was that two armed burglars were in her house. She was alone, her parents were dead and her grandma had been killed by the gunman. The young girl had little hope of surviving.
Shocked at the sight of her grandmother’s brains and blood plastered to the walls, she vomited violently. She continued to vomit until all contents of her stomach had been tossed. She then crawled into a corner and wept quietly. She then heard the sound of footsteps coming up the hallway. She ceased her weeping immediately as the men came closer. Louder and louder the sound came as the intruders strolled down the hallway for their next victim. The sound stopped and they were right behind the bedroom door. Silence fell on the room for a second, but to the girl it felt like eternity. The door blasted open to reveal the shell shocked girl.

Frozen from fear, the girl seemed statue like. The gunman grabbed her by her long blonde hair and dragged her down the hallway. Flailing desperately to yank free of her captors clamp like grasp, she hit her head. The impact had knocked her out and she had awakened in the back of a van. The van was windowless except for the wind shield. She found herself to be bound at the hands and legs and gagged with a filthy cloth. Scared out of her little mind, she started to weep. The gunman screamed at her to be quiet and pistol whipped the young girl. She blacked out again.
She awakened for a second time at an unknown location. She looked around and decided that she was in a warehouse, a dirty one at that. She then saw a group of men all wearing ski masks and carrying very large machine guns on them. She noticed that those guns were much larger than the ones that her captors had, so she decided to keep quiet. After what seemed like hours, one of the men walked up to her. Her eyes ever so concentrated on the enormous weapon draped on the man’s chest. The man had asked what her name was, no answer. The man seemed to have a Russian accent in his voice.
After hours of silence, the single man went over to the others and muttered something that sounded like Russian. The group nodded in agreement and fast walked towards the girl. One of them had a large smile on his face as he reached for his gun. At the same time the others had drawn theirs. Together they opened fire on the trapped, defenseless girl. Blood sprayed everywhere as the fully automatic weapons tore through the thin girl’s body. When the murderers decided to stop, they left a dead body and blood and organ matter plastered against the wall and on the floor.

The author's comments:
This was inspired to me when a girl was abducted and murdered in my neighborhood.

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