my life

April 11, 2012
By Anonymous

It was a hot summer day, a boy named Benn. He was outside with his friends playing in the pool, and his mom sayed time to get out the pool cause our cousins is coming over. Benny got mad because he dont want his cousins to come over because his cousins are bad and dont have manners like he do. But he a good boy he listens to his mom, does his chores, and does his homework. He gets rewarded for what he does at home and school. but when he cousin come over the mess up everything in the house like: mess his room up, dont pick clothes up, they dont brush their teeth, and dont wash dishes when Benn mom say so. they are so hard headed that Benn cant take it and he go crazy when they dont listen to his mom. then when he gets out the pool. he goes in the house, take a shower, get dress, and wait on his cousins to come. When his cousins come they all jump on his when they see him. they just throw their stuff down on the floor. all the kids run upstairs so they can get them a pot on the floor and just they're clothes up and stuff. but they dont know that Benn have a pet dog name blue but he going to keep it a secert from his cousins, cause they crazy over animals.

The author's comments:
it about a little boy life.

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