Birthday Angel

April 11, 2012
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Russell stared out his dark window. The day felt heavy and as the rain fell it seemed like the whole world was crying. It had been a year since the accident. The hours in the office felt longer and the weekends I spent in solitude felt never-ending. The majority of this year was filled with emptiness. He sat at his desk contemplating what to write her. Russell longed for some closure. Although he had met someone new a few months ago and received a promotion at work, his heart still-ached with the scar left from losing her. He missed her so although they’d never met. He remembered when he felt her heart radiate through his entire being, as he imagined her perfect face.

Dear Isabella,

The thought of meeting you made me feel warm and fuzzy inside, the thought of holding your tiny flawless hands. You made me think I was finally going to have to grow up and be a man for you. I didn’t ever think that this was the way you’d change my life forever. It is not fair; I was so close to seeing your beautiful face. Then He took you away from me. I’m still upset with Him by the way, but I have been going through this for too long. I don’t want you to think of me as being selfish. I remember the first month and half I would stay locked up in your pastel-colored room, wishing you were here. Your mother didn’t care about you like I did! She didn’t really care about me either. She wanted to send you away to live somewhere else before you even got here. She even thought of doing the unspeakable. I would not have let her go through with it though. When I called her at the six months after the accident to see if she how she was doing, she didn’t bother to ask how I was doing only to brag about her new successful life and boyfriend. It’s no matter though; you will always be my Angel. I’m sorry we never met face to face, but from the way you used to kick when I touched your mother’s stomach. I know I would have shown you all the love you deserved. I would be your mommy and daddy. Although I’ve got this new “hotshot” job title, and a woman to hold me at night. I want you to know that I miss you every day and you will always be on my mind, Belle. I send you my love and ask that you watch over me from heaven. He wouldn’t have you sent you anywhere but there.



(Your daddy)

The rain had stopped, however the gloom was still about. The letter gave him some release of sorrow and anger that he was experiencing. The sun broke through the clouds the slightest bit. Upon finishing his letter, he placed it in an envelope, and wrote “Happy Birthday Belle” on the front then drew a little picture of an Angel. She was his angel. He punched a hole in the envelope and tied some balloons to it. He opened his door and embraced the cold, the only thing that really understood his pain. He then let go of the card and let wind whisk it away. As the balloons floated up towards the sky a ray of light peeped through the clouds and it seemed to be shining directly upon him. He knew it was Isabella and he finally felt peace even if it was just for a moment. “Happy Birthday, Angel” He whispered.

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