April 9, 2012
By sabresadie GOLD, NRH, Texas
sabresadie GOLD, NRH, Texas
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"When life gives you lemons, make orange juice and leave the world wondering how you did it."

When I joined band, I never expected to have this much fun. I was standing on level three of the Galleria Mall, with $40 and four hours on my hands. Admiring the Christmas tree standing elegantly in the center of the ice rink, I noticed my crush goofing off with his buds on the ice. I immediately headed downstairs and rented some skates. I skated for fifteen minutes until he noticed my recently-perfected lutz. "Nice moves, flute. You should show me how to do that." I said okay, I'd show him the lutz, but on one condition. "You have to get me something cool from upstairs." He smiled. "Sure." It only took ten minutes to teach Jace to lutz like a pro. "You're cooler than I thought, flute." I grinned. "Now run along, and get me my cool thingy!" He shook his head, laughed, and jogged over to his dudes. How did I do that? I'm supposed to be the awkward flute girl, not Jace's skate teach and possibly girl! Oh well. I still had 3 1/2 hours here. Luckily, I'm a shopper kind of girl.
"Oh gosh, we gotta go! It's 12:52!!!" Gabby, A.J., Amy, and I speed walked back to ULTA, where we had agreed to meet back with our teachers. I had bought a scarf for my bff, perfume for Amy, and bracelets for A.J.. I had also bought Godiva Chocolates, a Shasa headband, mango Jamba Juice, and had gotten a TMM ('Try Me' Makeover) from ULTA. Our teachers began herding us towards the awaiting school bus when I remembered Jace."Jace! Where are you? Jace!" He was gone.
On the bus, he didn't show up for roll call. I was freaking out. At the last moment before the bus doors closed, he leaped onto the steps. I exhaled. He slid in next to me while avoiding the teacher's gaze. "Whadja get whadja get whadja get?!?!" I whispered frantically. He put a finger to his lips and mouthed "Later." I was bursting with anticipation. After school, he met me in the bushes where I hide my bags every day. He pulled out a tiny pink box and said,"For you." I opened it and beheld a glittering blue and cocoa jeweled ring precisely the size of my left pointer finger. I gasped and stared into his icy blue eyes. he smiled, and i turned to look at the ring in the sun. When I turned back, he looked at me strangely, like he'd never seen me before. Before I could say anything, he took two steps forward and kissed me. I did the only thing I could do- kissed him back. 'You know what,' I thought," I seriously don't regret joining band anymore.'

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