Whispering Pines

April 10, 2012
Long long ago there was a small town just north of the rainforest called Whispering Pines. It was the ideal place to live. All those who visited Whispering Pines ended up falling in love with it after roaming it’s beautiful roads and having contact with all the friendly people. Everyone who lived in the town knew everybody else and they all looked out for each other. They were all one big family and everyone who visited became part of their family if only for a day. There was no need for any cops since there were never any crimes or gangster mobbing around. That all changed when on one sunny Sunday afternoon Whispering Pines welcomed a new member to its family.

No matter how many times David told himself he was making the right decision he still couldn’t shake the guilt from his conscience. Could he really have the heart to leave his companion of the last 6 years out on the curb like last week’s trash? He had no other choice. Bo had started out as a playful but calm puppy. But during the last few months he had become a handful. Whenever he wasn’t digging up the neighbors prized Azaleas he was chasing little kids around at the playground. He was so needy of attention and David didn’t have the time to be constantly watching over Bo. He looked back to find Bo happily lying in the back seat enjoying the car ride. For a second he thought about turning around and trying to make life with Bo work. But as he watched his dog lazily swat at a fly he noticed some white foam coming out of Bo’s mouth. “Oh no, RABIES!” shrieked David realizing he had to go through with it.

He dropped the dog off right outside of Whispering Pines city limits. A tear escaped from his eye as he motioned for Bo to get out of the car. “Goodbye friend” he sobbed as he shut the door and sped away. Bo just sat there, a puzzled look on his face. Why had David just left him there? Was he trying out a new game? After sitting at the curb for hours watching people come and go he realized this was no game. He was all alone now. No one to feed him, play with him, or pet him. He wandered around and found his way to civilization. When he got to Whispering Pines people welcomed him and thought he was the cutest thing ever. He loved the constant attention, children fed him and petted him, he didn’t even miss David. That all changed after a few a days when his rabies started acting up again. People were horrified when the cute little dog turned into a vicious creature that roamed their precious little town spitting up white foam left and right.

The people of Whispering Pines soon got fed up with Bo, but were too afraid to get near him. They tried to set poison out, but Bo was immune to it. The poison only killed other dogs that lived in Whispering Pines. He was resented by many because they blamed him for the death of their dogs. As his rabies got worse, so would his behavior. Bo started to chase, eat, and kill cats. He soon become very lonely and got bored of killing cats, he needed a new hobby. So he decided to get himself some friends. He ran around town biting every dog he could find, infecting them with the rabies. Soon Whispering Pines had an army full of rabies infected dogs. They traveled in a pack leaving a trail of white foam behind. They were restless and extremely aggressive, they were out to kill.

As Oscar the mailman walked around the neighborhoods delivering everyone’s mail he felt unalarmed because he hadn’t been informed about the vicious pack of dogs roaming the town. “It’s a great day to be a mailman” cheered Oscar as he let out a gleeful chuckle. He got out of the van to put mail in some mailboxes. Bo being the leader of the group decided it was time to attack, so he charged at the mailman and bit him twice in the leg. He then ran off, while the mailman laid on the ground, yelling in agonizing pain. That was the last straw the towns people had had enough of Bo’s behavior. So Whispering Pines had a town meeting and brainstormed on how to get Bo out of their town. They did not have animal control in their town because Whispering Pines was too small and they never had animal problems or any kind of problems for that matter. The closest animal control was three hours away and they were not willing to drive to Whispering Pines.

Oscar Bate was not going to let the dogs take over the town. He was determined to save Whispering Pines from rabies. Soon the dogs might start trying to infect the whole town with rabies. He could not let his happen. “Neither snow, nor rain, nor blistering wind’s shall stop me from serving my town” declared Oscar. The citizens cheered as Oscar gave his empowering speech, maybe there was hope for them after all. He was thankful that Bo was such a great leader and kept the others under control. Bo never allowed any of the other dogs to attack anyone. He was the only one who attacked. His plan was to walk down the street and wait for Bo to attack. Oscar planned to wear extra padding and protective gear to shield himself from Bo and his rabies.

The day came when Oscar was to act like bait. He started to walk the streets where Bo was known to chill. As he was turning the corner of the street, sure enough he spotted the pack. Instantly Bo began to furiously charge at Oscar. Oscar had only two weapons; a taser and a sword. Bo grabbed on to Oscar’s leg chewing on it like there was no tomorrow. “It’s now or never” hollered Oscar as he grabbed his taser sending millions of electric shocks into the little dog’s body. Bo’s first instinct was to run, but he could not move because he was in shock. So he just laid there convulsing like a fish out of water. Even though he was practically dead he still tried to fight back but his body gave up on him. Oscar stopped tasing Bo and fell to the ground from exhaustion. Oscar then grabbed his sword and took off Bo’s head. The rest of the pack instantly scurried away now that their leader was dead and they were never seen again.

Meanwhile, a crowd had formed. They were cheering loudly for Oscar and praising him. When Oscar killed the monster for good by taking off his head, the town was very thankful. Oscar was Whispering Pines hero! They even named a street after Oscar Bate. They had a celebration for him and never forgot Oscar the Great also known as Mr. Mailman.

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