Vacuum Cleaner

April 6, 2012
Jason screamed, running away from the big, red beast behind him. “Get, back, Dragon!” he shouted at it, and continued running.

The dragon roared and chased him, swinging its huge tail behind it. In a panic, Jason jumped up on a big rock. “Stay back!” he warned. “I have a sword!” He swung his sword in front of him, showing the dragon his dangerous weapon.

But the dragon did not care; it continued in its angry pursuit. Jason bravely whacked the dragon with his shiny sword, but it only bounced off the beast’s tough skin. Not sure what else to do, Jason ran around until he was behind the dragon and grabbed for the tip of his tail, missing. When that didn’t work, Jason ran away, screaming.

The dragon was not going to let Jason get off that easy, though. It quickly turned around, growled, and chased after the boy. Jason was stuck in the corner of the cave, with no way out and a dragon coming at him. What should he do? But just as the dragon was just about to reach him, it suddenly stopped.

“AAAAAAH!” Jason screamed. Luckily, the cord of the red vacuum cleaner did not let it get to Jason, who was backed into a corner of the family room.

His older sister smiled and turned the noisy thing around to get another part of the carpet.

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