We Are Forever

March 31, 2012
By Jessica Kostka BRONZE, Auburn, California
Jessica Kostka BRONZE, Auburn, California
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For eternity after eternity we have watched the world weave delicate trails around the sun, and so we shall until the end of time itself. We were created at the dawn of the Earth, when tremendous otherworldly forces collided and tore black night and scarlet fumes apart and twisted them into tangible substance. We exploded from the ground with all the vigor of a supernova stretched out over a billion years. We shuddered under our own immensity.
From ebony nothingness, the Earth became red with flames, and then turned gray and ashes filled the sky and blocked out the sun. We saw life evolve from the dust and fire and ashes that we spewed from our own boiling jaws. We touched the sky and the clouds swirled around us and shed tears in reverence, and our hearts poured translucence as the world changed colors yet again. Sheets of water shifted the hue of great valleys to sapphire, and the world turned from coal and dirt to emerald. We were transformed into behemoths of beauty, snow-capped and pierced with crystalline chasms of ice. We stood through the age of the beasts that trampled redwood and pine and indeed, each other, but could never make a dent in our magnificence. We stood through times of fire as the sky exploded in waves of crashing flame, and in return, the trees sent fire to the charred atmosphere. Great lakes and rivers shriveled in the heat and died, and scaled and taloned beasts perished into nothingness. Yet, still we were unharmed. We stood through times of ice as the earth was obliterated by blinding whiteness. We watched as you were born from fur and claws and shifted through the world like ghosts. You survived by preying on smaller, lesser beings, as the other creatures did. You were no different than any beast that had walked lonely trails on our heaving sides. The Earth is old, and millions of life forms have existed upon it, and you were nothing more than a pebble on a rocky beach from our view high, high above you. We saw how you worshipped our sun, even though the more times that the Earth revolved around it, the sooner you died, just like any other beast.
But as your race grew from a mere fetus, a helpless infant struggling to prop its head up and feed itself, into a young child, you grew impertinent. You raised your eyes to the heavens and raised your voices to match, shouting to the once-silent world that our sun and all the other Earths and other suns revolved around you. We watched, and chortled to ourselves as you fought amongst yourselves. You built boats from the flesh of the forest and sought to discover things we had known for all time, to possess things that had been on the Earth for eons before you. You fought over ancient blood of gold and silver that you took from our veins. Some of you worshipped us, but others tried to conquer us as you had conquered each other. You made it to our peaks and thought that meant that you had won over us. You built artificial roads through our bellies and carved your names into our hide without seeing that we feel no pain. How many of you perished in futile attempts to rule over us? You died on our slopes and in our shadowy orifices beneath the ground. We, however, still stand in all our glory. You shall never truly harm us. We cannot be tamed. We stood for ages before you walked upon the planet, and so we shall live on forever.

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