Not So Typical

April 4, 2012
By Celia Maiorano BRONZE, Ardsley, New York
Celia Maiorano BRONZE, Ardsley, New York
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I sat down on my bed under my sheets and started writing in my notebook.
January 27, 2012-

Hi I’m Madison, but my friends call me Madi. I live in Detroit, and I am 14 year’s old. My English teacher is making me keep this dumb journal that I have to write in every week about something that happened that day. So I’ll give it a shot. Today my friend Chloe made Ava cry because she said she is so dumb and stupid. This is soooooo typical of them they get into fights legit every day. It’s always who said something about who, and then that person just goes and tells the world about it. But then the next day they are best friends. I mean like, I just don’t get it. Oh, and then today Olivia just kept bothering me about this guy that I was texting. Yes I like him but that doesn’t make a difference. I mean like just back off do I ask you who you are texting every day, no. Hey I could have some fun with this assignment…
I sat down at my desk in Mr. Chianty’s class and began writing.
February 3, 2012-

Well it’s another Friday time to write. Let’s think what happened this week. Riley and Leah got into a big argument about Logan. Leah was saying all this bad stuff about him, so Riley was defending him and on and on. Then Savannah and I were in this fake fight but she took it way too far. At lunch, I was sitting with Olivia, Ava, Chloe, Riley, Leah and Zoey then all of the sudden I feel goldfish hitting me in the side of my face and neck. So I turned around and I saw Savannah laughing. I asked her why she did that but she didn’t answer. She just wobbled away because she was laughing so hard, and went to go sit with Charlotte, Kaylee, and Brooke. Chloe asked me what that was all about. But I didn’t answer because I had no clue.
The bell rang so I sat up got my things and went to lunch. I was walking in the hallway with Ava when all of the sudden she just stopped talking and started walking faster. I didn’t know why so I started to chase after her.

“Ava, what’s wrong?”

“Nothing’s wrong why would you think that.”

“Um you are walking really fast and ignoring me. I know you to well what’s wrong?”

“Nothing Madi go away!”

She then starts to sprint into the unending crowded hall. I decided to just ignore her, she’s a tough one to get information out of.

“Madi!” someone shouted. It was Olivia. “I just saw Nate!!!! But he was with Emma, I almost barfed.”

“When are you going to get over him, he’s ugly and he’s not into you.”
“Whoa! How dare you say that?”
“But he is!!! You need to get over this daydream and come back down to earth.”
“Well you like John!”

“So at least he is cute unlike Nate!!!!”

“Well Nate is cuter to everyone else but you!” Olivia then walked away.

Later that night I was writing in my journal again.
March 2, 2012~~

I am a very irresponsible and clumsy person. Like one time I had lost my planner for two months. It turned out to be in Mr. Moriano’s classroom. I also have a very loud mouth, I can’t keep a secret. One time my brother was coming home from college but we were going to surprise my mom so he didn’t tell her. But I did, I couldn’t help it. And Gertrude has been so annoying lately. I just want to punch her in the face!
As I sat down in Mr. Chianty’s class the next day, I was searching through my bag for my journal. “Where is it… come on don’t say I lost please no. Oh this is not good!”
Riley turns around and says, “Madi what’s the matter?”
As I rustle through my bag I respond, “You know that journal that I had to write in for English?”
“Well I lost it. It’s not in my bag! Wait maybe it’s in my locker… No because I had it last period and I didn’t go to my locker.”
“But why is it so important? Just tell your teacher you lost it.”
“No I can’t. I mean I don’t care about the fact that I will get a zero! I care about the fact that I wrote a lot of secrets in there!”
“Oh… Well what did you say about me? That I’m the prettiest out of all of your friends???”
“Jeez— I just wanted to know what you said about me— was it really necessary to go all ninja on me?”
“Sorry but, really? Do you need to know right now?”
“I guess not.” But I can tell that she really does care because she is looking at me with that just-tell-me-or-I-am-going-to-freak-out look. I feel like I am waiting for the devil horns to pop out right about now.
“Riley— to be honest, I truly do not care one bit about what I said about you in that notebook.” As I put my head down and start to do my work I see Riley hand a book over to Gertrude. It is pink and blue— like mine. It has doodles all over the cover— just like mine. Gertrude opens it and begins reading. But all she does is just let her jaw fall down as if she were trying to catch flies. Her eyes light up in a fiery red and her head turns over to me in slow motion. I just give her a hi-I-have-no-idea-why-you-are-looking-at-me-like-that look even though I knew exactly what that book was and why she was staring at me like the Grimm Reaper.
Word spread fast about what I said. I was the most hated girl in the school! I got called down to guidance literally one million times. I was friendly with everyone— well not anymore. The only people who weren’t mad at me were John and Randy. But that was because I didn’t write about them. I was getting tripped on purpose, and one time someone slipped a note in my locker saying,
I can’t believe you would do this Madi you were my friend but now you are just a…
My mom doesn’t let me use those kind of words so I won’t tell you what else he or she said, but it was bad.
The next day I was talking to Randy,
“Let me guess you wanted to talk to me so you can just get me back. Go ahead I am all ears…” I said.
“No” Randy said, “I wanted to tell you that I am mad at you to and I think I know how to get everyone back— it is probably the only way.”
“TELL ME NOW!!!!!!!!!!!”
“Ok jeez— I was going to anyway.”

The next day I got called down to the Principal’s office, Mr. Gala. And of course, guess who was sitting in the second chair, Gertrude! I walked in there standing tall. God I hope Randy remembered. This better work or I am going to get him!

“Hello there Madison” said Mr. Gala.

“Um it’s Madi. With an i not a y.”

“Ok… well hi Madi.”

“Gertrude has told me that you wrote mean things about people in a notebook.”
“I did no such thing! Does she have any proof?”
“Yes actually” she was looking at me with evil eyes. “I do give me a second. What?! Where is it?! I just had it I swear” she claimed.
“Well how can you accuse me of doing something if you have no proof. And how could you tell everyone all these things that I never said about them. Everyone hates me because of you!” I said.
“She does have a point Gertrude. I want you to tell everyone that you were lying and you now have two weeks of detention. Do you understand?”
“Ok well girls go back to your classes.”
“Ok” we said in harmony.
When I got out of the office Randy was waiting for me.
“OH MY GOD RANDY I LOVE YOU— not really it’s just that I’m really happy right now and—“
“Yeah I know don’t worry.”
“Ok… well— I gotta get to class so— yeah— sorry that just made things really awkward.”
“Yeah it kind of did. Soooooo…”


The next day everything went back to normal. All my friends forgave me and I accepted their apology, but— awww poor Gertrude had no more friends. Serves her right for trying to get me in trouble. Now next time she won’t challenge me. I sat with Olivia, Ava, and Chloe at lunch. Olivia asked me why Gertrude said those things. I just sat still, laughed a little and winked. Then I notice Randy looking over and we just burst out laughing. Olivia was looking at me with a confused look and all I said was “you have no clue.”

The author's comments:
It is realistic fiction

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