Online Dating Disaster

April 4, 2012
“Patrick!” My mom called.

“Yes?” Patrick responded.
“You’re going to be late for your Water-Ballet classes!”
“I know that. I’m on my way now” Patrick said as he climbed in his car and drove down the road to his classes.
This is Patrick. He is in his late 20’s and currently, according to his Facebook page, is single living in his mom’s apartment. From what you can tell, right off the bat you know that Patrick is somewhat “Loser-ish” going to his Water- Ballet classes that his mom signed him up for a few weeks earlier.
Due to the fact that Patrick is single, every day he goes on e-Harmony and see’s if someone went on his profile and also, desperate looking for a mate. I know this might sound like Animal Planet, but this is all Patrick looks up to after a tiring day of dancing in the water. The other main reason why Patrick wants to find someone is because he wants to get way, get married and just live life instead of wasting it. Occasionally, he finds a girl as determined as him to get in a relationship, but soon realizes he’d be better off alone. Other times he finds attractive girls and flirts with them over chat. If you’re like me, you would think too that flirting girls over the web is like saying you like to go to Water-Ballet.
After two hours of him learning and what not, Patrick got back in his car and drove down back to his and his mother’s house. The one thing about their house is that it is pretty small. I mean REALLY small. Since Patrick’s mom did not plan on him living with her,
she made the right decision and moved from the big mansion where Patrick grew up to a small apartment in the suburbs right outside of New York City. Knowing this was a bad place to live for a grown adult like Patrick, he started thinking of saving up for a some-what big sized apartment out in the city. When he first just started looking for a better place for himself, he found many appropriate houses for him to live in. Strangely, for no apparent reason, Patrick just new this was the place mainly because it was the cheapest.
The land lord said that for now he can’t start living there until he gets all the money to him by the end of the month. The bad part to the new apartment was that there had been a pipe burst and it completely ruined the same side wing as his apartment is. Fortunately, the burst had not damaged his entire room but only a corner or so. By now Patrick was now starting to re-think his chose in where to live. Well at least his apartment had not been Ground-Zero for a blood bath murder. ATLEAST.

Here it is again, Patrick checking his profile. Just to see whether or not he got a date which he probably didn’t. But just for the sake of it, he would ask for his mother to leave the room so that there isn’t any pressure on Patrick when he finds out if he doesn’t get a date or if he gets a date. HE’S CHECKING IT AND……… what? There’s something on the screen on the computer that says “Patrick, Congratulations!! You have just been received an invitation to go on a date with Katty Park.” What the? This cannot be! Patrick got asked out on a date?? This must be the end of the WORLD! Patrick never gets asked out on dates!!!!

“MOM!!” Patrick yelled in excitement.
“Yes Honey?” His mother replied in a curious tone.
“I got a date for Thursday next week!” Patrick said in a delightful voice.
“Really? Are you sure? Are you joking?” His mom asked.
“Mom, do you really think that I would lie about that?” He asked.
“No, because you really never get a date.” She said.

There is also another side to Patrick’s mom. This other side is not that good. From Time to time, Patrick’s mom can be rude and some what mean to Patrick when he starts asking her questions. Now when Patrick tells his mother of this she just becomes even more rude then she been before he told her.

Sometime after Patrick finds that he got a match on E Harmony he started to get to know Katty more than when he first meet her online. By doing this he video chats with very day or so. From what Patrick could tell Katy seemed pretty nice and energetic. When he usually meets a girl on the online dating site, she isn’t really as friendly or nice as Katty could be.
“Mom can I go out on Saturday—“
“Yes!” Patrick’s mom shouted. “You need to get out of the house some time!”
“Please, don’t thank me. I should be thanking you.”
By the time he was done getting to know Katy the time was 10:45 at night so Patrick thought it was time to go to bed in the basement of his mother’s apartment. From time to time the basement got a little bit cold at night but he didn’t mind to much about the default.

Patrick climbed the stairs down to the very-small basement and he fell on his cot in a desperate sign that he was tired from the exciting day he had that day when he found out about Katty.

It was Monday morning, a.k.a four days until Thursday. In addition to feeling happy, Patrick felt guilty. From the previous day, he hadn’t mentioned that his mother was sick to Katty at all. It turns out that a few months ago, Patrick’s mom was diagnosed with some form of cancer were if she got frustrated too much about something, she would get ill and be bed written for about a week. That is why Patrick try’s to prevent his mom from getting made or the slightest bit of aggravated. Fortunately, she only gets this effect only once or twice a year depending whether or not Patrick was home for the summer. The bad news is that it seems like every time Patrick has to go somewhere important, he has to delay due to his mother’s disease or whatever you want to call it. The main reason he didn’t want to tell Katty was because he thought the situation was a private matter.

He also thought that if he did tell Katty about his mother’s sickness, she wouldn’t date him.

It was Thursday, and Patrick drove into the city to pick up Katty from her little house next to an alley. As they drove to the restaurant, there wasn’t much talking. Once Katty and Patrick were given their table in the middle of the room, Patrick’s phone buzzed. When he pulled it out of his pocket,, the phone said that he got a text. The text message was from his mother saying HELP!
(Or will it be continued….. HEHEHEHEHE!!)

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