Life of Bad Luck Jerry

March 30, 2012
By djy95 GOLD, Bloomington, Indiana
djy95 GOLD, Bloomington, Indiana
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Intro- Jerry was a very lucky guy until one day something changed and he received the name of “Bad Luck Jerry”. That day was April 13, 2012 which marked Jerry’s twenty-first birthday. Jerry had been waiting in which seemed like forever, but Jerry didn’t know was that he would begin a life time of bad luck as soon as it 12:01 a.m. on the day of his birthday.
Chapter One: His Birthday

Jerry’s luck had started to change for the worst right around 5:06 a.m. because he woke up with a cramp. Jerry really didn’t know what kind of cramp he had and yet he was determined to make it go away. So then Jerry tried move over a little bit so that he could stand up and right then at that exact moment poop went out of him all over the place. Jerry was in so much shock and was so embarrassed. It took him right around two hours clean up all of the mess. He then went to sleep on the sofa for about three more hours.

At 10:04 a.m. Jerry is awoken to a knock at the door. He got up so fast that he became light headed and fell right back down. Then he heard another knock at the door and so he ran to the door just to find out that he was being evicted. Ten minutes later his parents walked right in singing happy birthday all excited about Jerry’s twenty-first birthday just to see a frown upon their son’s face. His parents stayed for only an hour, but to Jerry it seemed like they stayed for many years.

During that hour Jerry had accidently broken about ten things, fell six times, and bumped his head about three times. He had noticed that his day didn’t seem to get any better and so he said to himself that he was going to the bar to drink his problems away. Jerry did just that and also drank himself into even worse problems than before. It was only about one p.m. and Jerry had already claimed that his twenty-first birthday was the worst, while he sat in prison. Jerry’s birthday ended with him being beaten up by other men and then fondled. He had better days, but for now on those days won’t ever happen again.
Chapter Two: After Prison

The whole time that Jerry was in prison he would always end up being beaten up and then fondled. After all of that pain and suffering that he endured while being in prison, he actually came to a realization that his luck might not be the best anymore, but at least he had the tools to adapt. When Jerry had finally gotten out of prison he tried heading home just to be reminded that he had been evicted. At that exact moment it all sunk in again that he was going down the drains and couldn’t really stop it.
Jerry had nothing to his name and didn’t know how to deal with it. Jerry was so depressed that he didn’t even think about trying to find food or water instead he found a spot to sit and sat there for several days thinking about how he went from being someone to being no one. After about four days of not taking care of himself, Jerry began to get a little loopy. He started to see and hear things and eventually he passed out.
Several hours later Jerry woke up to a nurse looking over him. Instantly Jerry said, “Am I in heaven, you beautiful angel?” Then the nurse replied, “No sir, I am a nurse?” Jerry had no clue what was going on nor who he was. After he looked around for a second he passed out again.

Chapter Three: The Vision of Death
“Jerry, Jerry you need to come with me!” Then Jerry said, “Hello, who’s there?” It’s me death, I am here for you!” Then jerry said, “Hold on death it’s not my time yet is it?” “Yes it is unless you promise me that you will try harder to deal with your problems!” Then Jerry said, “Okay, okay I will!” “Alright then we have a deal!” Right then Jerry woke up from his deep slumber and said, “My life may be bad, but it could be worse and for now on I am going to be more positive and try harder.”
Chapter Four: The Big Surprise
Three years later after Jerry decided to change his ways, he received a big surprise which ended up being a six year old child. Jerry was heading home from his new job and he thought that he had seen something moving within his home, but wasn’t for sure. He then went up to the door and went in. There on his sofa was a child and some women. He and the women then talked for a little bit and come to find out that the woman was the love of his life when he was seventeen and that the six year old child was his. Then the women told Jerry that she was dyeing and she wanted him to take care of their child for then on. Jerry made a promise to take care of their child and a day later the women died.
Chapter Five: The New Love
A few months of Jerry taking care of his son and going to work part time, Jerry began to get tired. One day Jerry walking home and he looked across the street and he saw the most beautiful women he had ever seen. Soon after he seen her they started dating and eventually got married. Jerry’s luck had changed back to normal right around when his son got into his life. His luck only got better from then on. Jerry, Jerry’s son, and Jerry’s wife ended up with a pretty good life. Jerry grew old with his wife and his son became a big time business man.

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