Dear Our Friend

March 24, 2012
By AmberCrocker PLATINUM, Fall River, Massachusetts
AmberCrocker PLATINUM, Fall River, Massachusetts
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To Our Friend,

Maybe, just once, will you please shed some light on the matter of leaving us forever? People are suffering, people wonder why, but yet you did not seek help. You had said that noone could help you, and that noone understood your pain.....but may i say there are millions who go through something similar?

Why had you left us, with your mistakes, your pathetic misery which now hangs over us like a black raincloud pouring out never-ending rain, leave a life that could've gotten better? You had said that there was no God, that we are born and when we die we lose our minds.

You had gladly shook death's hand, a handshake that was many years too early. Dear our friend that we miss so much, this Earth mourns every loss like yours because it was not meant to happen. This Earth does not need people, yet mourns everytime someone or something fades away, and rejoices when things are born.

To our friend, we would've helped you if you asked.


Your Loving Friends

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