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March 22, 2012
By dalton hanson BRONZE, Marcus, Iowa
dalton hanson BRONZE, Marcus, Iowa
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Last Friday, on my way to Remsen Union, my car broke down. I wondered what in the world could be wrong with it? So I pulled over to the side of the road and waited for help. I felt helpless standing on the side of the road waiting like that. Finally, one of my friends from Remsen Union stopped to see what was wrong. I had never been so glad to see him! He asked if he could help and I told him “you can.”

We popped the hood and started looking at the engine. I thought something had to be wrong with the engine so we started messing around with it. We worked on it for half an hour and it still wouldn’t start. I was getting really frustrated with my car. My friend decided to go to his house and get his car trailer. He drove home and came back quickly with the trailer. After some hard work we finally got my car loaded onto the trailer. We decided to take it to his house. It felt so good just to get out of their and get on the move.

When we got to his shop we pulled the trailer in. I was sick of working on my car but I knew I couldn’t just leave it like that. We took out the motor. It took forever but we finally got it checked over and did not find anything wrong with it. I felt like we had wasted so much time, but we had to keep going. It was time to put it back together. As we were getting ready to put it back in my friend tripped over some tools and fell backwards into our work table. With a loud crash my carburetor fell to the shop floor. When we picked it up we noticed a big crack in the carburetor. “That’s going to be a problem I said.”

“It is a sign to quit for the night!” my friend replied. So we closed up his shop and went home very tired and disappointed.

When I got home I called and auto parts shop to order a new carburetor. They told me they would have the part in tomorrow. I was relieved to have my part so quickly and decided to just go to bed.

On Saturday morning I picked up my carburetor at the auto parts store. I couldn’t believe how much it cost! I paid my bill and headed over to my friend’s house to work on it. I got the new carburetor on and hooked up. After we got it hooked up we tried to start my car. It came to life with a loud revving and ran for a little bit. I decided to turn it off and try to restart it just in case. This time the engine would not turn over. I was running out of ideas, but my friend suggested we charge it up.

We hooked up a battery charger to it and let it sit for awhile. This time it turned over just fine. We messed with the jet and got it running perfectly. We let it run like that for a little while then decided to take a spin. I felt free driving my good old car again. It was running like a dream. I took my friend home and told him thanks. He had been so helpful I told him to call me if he ever needed a hand with anything.

I took my car home with pride. I even decided to wash it up and clean out the inside. My car looked and sounded better than it had in a long time. Later that night I cruised uptown in Marcus. It felt good to drive down main street in my awesome car. I met up with some friends and they wanted to drive around with me too. It turned out to be a pretty good week-end after all.

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