My Letter To You

March 14, 2012
By Anonymous

It's been quite some time when my heart began to pump at the mere sight of you. I've loved you from afar, yet so close. It's becoming too much, so this is my letter to you. You won't know my name, or who I am. You won't know that it is me, even when it is. So now, I am sending you my heart, packaged carefully with bubble-wrap in my letter to you.

Dear You, Darling You:
When we first met, we were slightly younger than we are now. Six years have passed, and for the first three, we were hardly even friends. But then, two and a half years ago, something stirred within me when I looked on your face one lonely day. We were friends by that time, not especially close. But the beatings within my heart inspired me to know you better, discover who you were. While not everything I found pleased me, you still intrigued me. You captured my soul, and you weren't even trying. Suddenly my outward appearance mattered, what I said, and what I did. Not everything about me has changed. I am still me. Never before you did I think or care about finding love at my young age, but now that all seems distant. My soul is enraptured. Knowing you, I doubt you have ever felt the cruel sting of unrequited love. I don't want to lose your friendship, so it may be that you will never know. So in every smile, every hug, every word I speak to you, I fill it with my love and hide behind these words.


Post-script: ....I love you.

The author's comments:
Having first liked him about three years ago and having known him for twice as long, I know what it is to have love unrequited. I dedicate it to him, and to all people, male or female, old or young, who have ever loved and not been loved as they wanted in return.

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