The Attempt

March 21, 2012
Two loud squeaks can be heard through out an empty house as two trembling hands turn on a bathtub faucet. The sound of running water fills the house as a sixteen-year-old girl exits the bathroom and her eyes dart around the room
“Good. They aren’t home yet.” She says out loud and picks up a tape recorder on her nightstand. She sighs as she clicks the record button and attempts to speak. She groans and clicks off the recorder as she falls backwards onto her bed. She picks up her laptop and types in the “What’s up” place on Connect Friends. The girl hesitates and begins to type.
“I thought this would be easier.” The girl types then lets out a shaky breath. Tears start forming in her eyes.
“I’ve been planning this for weeks but I’m still nervous. It will be over soon though. Everything will be.Goodbye guys.” She finishes typing then snatches the tape recorder back up again. She stands up as she pushes the record button and starts to speak.
“Hi. If you’re hearing this it means…. I mean I’ve….” She chokes out as a * bring * is heard from her laptop because a message was sent to her on Connect Friends. She reaches over and shuts he laptop but he phone starts to ring.

“Daniel…” She says and a miniature smirk appears on her face for half a second but then disappears. She continues to talk while she walks around the room, stopping when she reaches the mirror. “Looking at myself now, don’t see me, but a scared sixteen-year-old girl with black hair and puffed up blue eyes in a tank top and skinny jeans who’s about to… about to…” The girl stops and swallows. She inhales deeply.
“A girl who is about to kill herself. That’s right. This… this is my suicide note. I could say that my parents didn’t love me, or that I have friends, or maybe I could say that no one listened to me, but I would be lying. The real reason… No. The ONLY reason I’m committing suicide “ She can barely get that last word out.

“Is because of Neil. That’s right, Neil, the star quarter back of our high school football team. I won’t go into details but did it make you happy, Neil?! Did you enjoy what you did to me?! Because for the past two weeks that has been the only thing I’ve thought about! So I hope you enjoyed raping me, because you caused my death.” She utters and stops the recorder. She then sits down on her bed and puts her head in her hands.

After a while, she looks over to a bottle of assorted pills on her nightstand.

She picks up the bottle.
The girl stands up and walks to her bathroom door.

“Bottoms up.” She says as she unscrews the lid on the bottle.

“BECCA! NO!” A sixteen-year-old boy yells as he tackles Becca making the pills scatter onto the bathroom tiles.

“LET ME GO!” Becca screams as she beats on the boy’s back.

“LET ME GO! DANEIL! LET ME GO!” She screams and she begins to sob.

“Stay here.” Daniel whispers gently and he tenderly rests Becca on her bed.

Daniel goes into the bathroom and sees the bathtub flooding with water.

He turns off the faucet then picks the pills up off the floor. Daniel throws the pills into the toilet. As the toilet flushes Daniel walks out and sits next to Becca who is staring as the floor, tears plummeting from her eyes. They sit in silence until Becca ask in a whisper

“How did you know?”

“You said good bye.” Daniel says gently and Becca looks up at him.


“You said goodbye on your post. You’ve never said goodbye. You always said ‘See ya’ or “Talk to you later, but never goodbye, because you thought saying good bye was…”

“Final.” Becca finishes and begins to sob into Daniel’s shoulder.

“Oh God! I tried to kill myself! If you didn’t show up…”

“Shh.” Daniel utters putting his finger to Becca’s lips.

“Right now,” He continues, “we need you get you help.” He finishes as Becca cries.

A sixteen-year-old girl steps out of a car and walks up the steps of a large complex. She enters a room with ten sets surrounding a man with one empty seat in the circle. She goes to sit down but the man looks at her. She stands up and takes a deep breath.

“Hi, my name is Becca, and I am a rape victim who tried to kill myself last month…”

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