March 20, 2012
By kowgirl25 BRONZE, New Market, Maryland
kowgirl25 BRONZE, New Market, Maryland
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He finally turned the TV off, realizing even with the volume turned up all the way, nothing will drain the screams that filled his head. He turned, hoping to have enough strength to get out of bed, glanced at the pile of clothes that weren't his, and suddenly got too weak to even sit. He felt the tears starting to form at the corners of his eyes, making his vision even more blurry than it already was. He finally gained enough strength to walk to the pile of clothes at the end of his bed. He held up the dark blue blazer that laid on top. Everything started rushing back to him, he now thought maybe picking up the clothes was a bad idea, but he really didn't care. He slid the blazer on, sat back on the bed, and stared at a picture on his nightstand.

*Kyle stared at his younger mate, hoping Ian would give into him, and let them watch 'The Note Book'. Ian had finally made a decision to not give in and said he wishes to watch a scary movie, not a girly movie. Kyle, offended, got up and sat on the couch for the rest of the night refusing to talk to Ian. Ian sat on the opposite side of the couch, hoping Kyle would break his silence after a while. Kyle could tell Ian would occasionally stare at him, but Kyle wasn't letting Ian win.

Kyle couldn't hold it in any longer and shouted at Ian,”Would you quit it.” Ian was now happy that Kyle made noise, even though Kyle was shouting at him.

“Ha! You talked to me! I win!” Ian protested. Kyle sat there in silence, not taking his eyes off the TV. “Okay, fine you win, I'm sorry, I was being a jerk.” Ian walked from the couch back to the kitchen, took a few things out of the fridge and placed them on the counter, then continued looking for a large bowl, that would make a lot of noise. Kyle knew Ian was up to something, but wouldn't give into urge to see what he was doing. Kyle was startled by the sound of a crash and ran as fast as he could. When he got to the kitchen, he saw the large bowl on the tile floor and Ian standing there with a large handful of something that instantly was all over Kyle's face. Kyle let out a shriek, trying to wipe away the whipped cream that was thrown into his eyes. Kyle couldn't help but giggle like an idiot, which surprised Ian. The two cleaned the mess up then spent the rest of the night playing their favorite game, Scrabble.*

Kyle lifted the picture off the nightstand, his lips met the cheek of the boy in the picture, who was Ian. After sitting on the bed for a couple of minutes, he finally brought himself to get up and pack a few things into the closest bag. He ran passed his friends that were sitting in his living room, ignoring everything that they were shouting at him. He only wanted to see one person,the only person that could make him feel alive, even though he felt practically dead inside. Kyle drove for what felt like the longest six moments of his life, when he finally arrived to where Ian was, and would always be.

Kyle sat down next to Ian, laying his bag in his lap. Kyle started talking to Ian before he would even let Ian have a chance. “Ever since you left me, I've tried to go on, they say time heals, but it actually just makes the pain worse.” Kyle took out a bottle with a mixture that was leftover Coke and whatever his friends decided to pour into it. He took a swig of it and almost gagged because it tasted horrible. “You've been gone for too long, it's time for me to see you again.” Kyle took out a newspaper that had a picture of Ian on the front, with the headline “Teen Killed In Car Crash,” and laid it next to him. He took a handful of pills to relieve his pounding headache, followed by the rest of his drink. He wiped away the liquid that dripped down his chin. Kyle then curled into a ball and rested his head against Ian's tombstone. Kyle liked the feeling – the feeling of the pain being washed away, the feeling of the whole in his heart closing up, the feeling of knowing that he'd be with his soul mate forever, the feeling of darkness finally and completely taking over.

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