Freakshow- Music Class

March 16, 2012
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It was music class. Was the new kid in all my classes? Our teacher was a laid-back old guy, name of Mr. Richard. He ran our school's drum line and gave piano lessons. In class he talked like he had stepped out of the sixties. Some of the kids did not like him, but he was always my favorite teacher. During class we would watch Canadian movies about famous composers and claymation movies at the holidays. Anyway, today we had just finished one of the movies and, as usual, Mr. Richard sat playing his keyboard. As soon as he started, the new kid, Atto, jumped up and shouted, as if he were in third grade, "Who wants to play musical chairs?" Everyone just sat stark-still. He turned, insulted, "Fine!" he shouted, "I'll just play by myself!" True to his word, Atto lined up eight chairs and told Mr. Richard to start the game. He played the Entertainer and abruptly stopped. Atto scrambled to sit down. Then he removed one of the chairs. He continued this until only two chairs remained. This time when the music stopped, he missed the chairs altogether and fell flat on his butt. Everyone burst out laughing. He scrambled up on a chair and smiled triumphantly. In the final round he had us on the edge of our seats, we almost expected an opponent to materialize. We all wanted him to have someone to win against. As soon as the music stopped, he grabbed the back of the chair and jumped over the chair completely to a sitting position. We all started to cheer, though we had no reason to. And he knew it, you could tell by the mischievous grin on his face that he had been waiting for this.

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