March 16, 2012
By swee-t PLATINUM, Kansas City, Missouri
swee-t PLATINUM, Kansas City, Missouri
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Drew Mittichel sat at his desk reviewing some case files, he was probably the only Detective left in the building. Drew hated working on cases involving serial killers, yet here he was working on this case, the file described every bruise, cut, and broken bone on each victim. There were seven victims, so far, and Drew wanted to catch this guy before he had the chance to strike again. Drew looked up at the clock on his partner’s desk, ‘whoa! 1:30 am? That’s impossible…’, then he looked at his wrist watch, and saw that it was stuck on six o’clock pm. Drew stood up collecting all of the files and putting them back into their folder, he was not tired, maybe that was because of those five cups of coffee he’d had. Drew headed toward the staircase just as he thought he heard a noise, he stopped and looked around, but nothing was there. As he continued to the steps Drew suddenly felt a sharp pain on the nape of his neck, he reached behind him and when he brought his hand back he saw blood on his was there, then another sharp pain and Drew’s world went black.

Drew woke to the drip, drip sound of water from a faucet, ‘oh god! That is annoying!’ he thought, he was strapped to a steel chair, bound by his legs, arms, and shoulders. A bright light came on and blinded Drew, he blinked his eyes so they could adjust to the light; then there were loud footsteps from behind, like the person walking was wearing steel toed boots. Drew looked to the left and noticed a tray full of tools of all kinds; small, big, sharp and dull, and fear shot through him like a bullet. The man in the boots also wore a mask, an ugly colored apron, and work gloves, Drew wondered what was in store for him. The man picked up a syringe that unmistakably had morphine in its contents, then plunged it into Drew’s heart, a pain and energy jolted through Drew as he thought of every bruise, cut and broken bone described on each victim. ‘How ironic that this should happen,’ Drew thought, ‘especially on Halloween night.’

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