Best Friends For Never

March 14, 2012
By Anonymous

It’s 1:30 on a hot Saturday afternoon. Best friends Molly and Sadie sit under the sun on an oak bench. Not only does the heat beat down on them, but the stress of the fact that Sadie is moving to California tomorrow is overwhelming. The girls wave their feet above the ground as tears slide down their faces. Molly feels that without Sadie, she will be alone, and not the same. She needs her. A bird chirps, the wind rustles trees. But they know that nothing can separate them-not even California. Or so they think.

It’s 7:00 on Sunday evening and Molly and Sadie talk on the phone. Molly thinks she’ll cry as she hears Sadie’s voice and remembers their time spent together, for they won’t see each other until summer break. “I miss you,” Molly whispers. “I miss you too.” Sadie replies. Sadie goes on to talk about California. How it’s not as wonderful as Bethesda, but good enough.

A week later, Molly gets a letter. It’s written in Sadie’s signature purple, sparkly ink. She talks about her new friends and how her house is so cool with a deep pool. Now that she’s been in California for a week, she loves it. A feeling of being left out creeps into Molly, and once again a tear makes its way down her cheek. She misses Sadie, but yet is mad at her for having such a good time without her.

It’s now been a month since the letter and not a word has been corresponded between the two. Not a letter, call, or text. Molly can’t believe that Sadie doesn’t care enough to write. She’s too busy having fun with her new friends to care about her old friend, Molly thinks. Molly wonders if it’s really the end for their friendship or does Sadie still care. It’s hard having a best friend. It’s not as easy as it sounds.

Summer break arrives. Green leaves grow on trees and cherry blossoms bloom. Berries and summer fruits burst with ripeness. Sadie isn’t coming to Bethesda for summer break which is in a way, a relief for Molly. Molly can’t help but assume that Sadie has ditched her for California Beauties instead of Plain Bethesda Types. She doesn’t even know if she will hear from Sadie again, and though it hurts, Molly knows that it’s okay. That she doesn’t need Sadie any longer.

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