Bus Ride

March 20, 2012
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The back of the bus. It isn’t just a place to sit anymore. It’s the place where kids have grown up and I know this from personal experience.

The kids of the back of the bus have slowly grown up, too. They started as kindergardeners, who were only on during the morning, to go home in the middle of the day.

Then they slowly grow into those annoying first graders who can’t decide where to sit and who to sit with.

They mature a little as they become older, second graders, with way to much energy. They make a big deal of the bus, usually bringing toys and video games to play with, soon after getting them confiscated.

Then, the year after, they become third graders, who have suddenly become less energetic because of the new homework load. They sit down on the bus and look out the window, occasionally talking to others.

The fourth graders are not much better then the second graders, trying as hard as they can to get to the back of the bus so they can feel older then they are. They wish their lives away.

The fifth graders, the ones who are now close to middle school, are animated and very lively. They are always rowdy during bus rides, screaming and yelling, while the bus driver cringes in the front.

They then hit middle school, and puberty. The fact of this makes conversations crud and annoying to listen to. Fifth graders think everything is a joke, even if it wasn’t meant to be.

The seventh graders, now very reliable and sensible, are close to getting out of this life and into the next. They are always robust and happy and make everyday life upbeat. Unlike younger kids, they think about what is actually going on in life and ask questions about it. They sit far in the back of the bus, as they should, they have earned the right to, since they’ve waited this long.

Then they hit eighth grade and there prospective changes. They work as hard as they can, getting ready for high school being the main focus.

They can now say the alphabet, unlike they could in first. They are very enthusiastic and frisky, somewhat like the second graders.

They become more stressed, like the third graders, because of homework and tests piling up.

They conquered the back seats, knowing there finally theirs, like the fourth graders.

They are antsy, because they will soon be moving to high school, like they were in fifth grade.

Everything is a joke, making live way more spirited then it should be, like the fifth graders try to do.

They are reliable and protective of themselves, starting everyday over a new. Every things changing, and they find a new and positive way to look at things. They are optimistic, knowing soon everything will change for real ...

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