Bubba the dog.

March 16, 2012
By Austen Shaffer BRONZE, Las Vegas, Nevada
Austen Shaffer BRONZE, Las Vegas, Nevada
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Aaron is going to the pet store because his parents said "You cant get a dog unless you get a B or higher.".When Aaron got to the pet store, he was amazed at all the dogs that were there.After a while Aaron decided to pick the brown puppy. then they went into the pet store to get it for him. Finally they made it home from the store and Aaron had a fun night with his dog. When they woke up, Aaron realized he hadn't named his dog.So Aaron studied the dog and decided a good name for him would be Bubba. then Aaron went to feed Bubba then by accident he spilled all the food.His parents were mad and had to clean it up. they told him he had to start paying more attention. After that he went to the kitchen to go get the leash. While they were on the walk, Bubba got lost and ran away. Bubba ran off and Aaron couldn't keep up, after a while he went home. His parents asked him what happened and then his parents told him they'd look for him in the morning. then he went to get ready for bed. He sadly got ready for bed, and he got dresses and brushed his teeth. When he was about to turn off his lights he heard a bark outside his window. Bubba was outside and he couldn't believe it. He had come back. He ran downstairs to go open the door for Bubba. Aaron hugged Bubba and started to play, and his parents came down because of the noise. His parents had a long talk with him about being careful with Bubba. Aaron got to keep Bubba because he promised to take more care.

The author's comments:
it is about a boy who loses his dog and gets him back.

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