Stupid Dare!

March 15, 2012
By Skyler Phillips BRONZE, Jackson, Tennessee
Skyler Phillips BRONZE, Jackson, Tennessee
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She closed her eyes as she understood what her friend, Harmony, had said. "I dare you to, kiss him!" She pointed to him. The boy who she was secretly in love with, but couldn't tell anyone. He was her best friend. Always sticking up for her. She really DID want to kiss him, but she was always nervous. But she couldn't back down from her friends, because they would think of her as a coward. She glared in pretend-anger as she hesitantly walked up to him. As she got closer, she stiffened each step,as though wanted him to think she didn't want to kiss him, as though that was the last thing she wanted to do. A blush rose on her cheeks as she watched him looking at his palm. When she had stepped a little closer, she thought, "All it is, is a simple kiss. Easy enough..." But she doubted herself. She blushes pink and stepped infront of him. She looked at his beautiful gray/black eyes for a moment, catching his attention. As he looked up, he smiled, and as he was about to say something, she squeezed her eyes shut and kissed him. It wasn't a small, let-it-go kiss. It was a full- "I'll-never-forget-this-moment" -kiss. His eyes widened as he watched her eyes squeeze shut. He liked her, a lot, but he had no idea at this moment if she knew. When she pulled away, she yelled, "IT W-WAS A S-STUPID D-DARE! D-DO YOU U-UNDERSTAND M-ME?! She stomped away in pretend-anger again. When she was sure he couuldn't see her face, she blushes crimson red and smiled to herself. The boy looked away, and did the same thing.

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