Kissing in the Rain

March 15, 2012
By , New York, NY
I walked fast into the foggy, rainy, and cold weather after seeing the most terrifying thing in my life. I was walking far away from his house as possible, even though I came all this way across the city to tell him something really important.
He was running after me, yelling my name trying to convince me to stop and tell me what I just saw was nothing. But I didn't listen to him and kept on running. Making out with my worst enemy; was that nothing? I thought.
After a minute of trying to run away from him, he finally able to grab a hold of me from sprinting to catch up. I started tugging my arm back but he had a strong hold. "Let go of me." I cried, trying to yank my arm back.

"Carmen, please forgive me. I wasn't kissing her. She was basically forcing me." He exclaimed, his voice shaking from the cold, wet rain falling down on us and panting from running.

"Seems that you were enjoying it." I replied back with anger. The rain was falling so fast that my clothes were starting to cling onto my body. He stood in front of me, his piercing brown eyes never leaving mine.
Suddenly, he snaked his arms around my waist, pulled me close, and said the most obvious thing any guy would say to a girl he would love, "Carmen, I'm in love with you. Just you. It was always you and...I love you because of it."

I stared into his piercing brown eyes, trying to see if he was kidding me. But all I saw was love, passion, and hope. I felt a slight tug in my stomach whenever he said love. I was technically speechless.

Without even thinking, I responded by saying, "I love you too, Dylan."
He smiled, then replied, "Good." He didn't saying anything else, instead he press his lips to mine with so much passion, I couldn't resist it. I don't know why I forgave him so easily but he always find a way to get me to. I don't practically believe him when he said he loved me but as soon as he started to kiss me passionately, I was willing to trust him.
Wrapping my arms around his neck, I was thinking how long we've been out here but I couldn't even care one bit. Half of my mind was thinking ways to stay here and enjoy the taste of Dylan's lips on mine.
Unexpectedly, he lifts me off my feet. I squealed through my throat, shocked that he was strong enough to even do that. Running my hand into his hair, he put me back down, and slowly let go of his lips from mine. He lay his forehead on mine and whispered, "God, I love you so much."
My heart almost popped out of my chest when he said that. I decided to tell him what I should have said before this misunderstanding between him and Elisa, my worst enemy in this planet. "Would you love another person?" I inquired, gazing straight at his eyes.
"W-what do you mean?" He asked, wiping a piece of hair out my eyes that fell when he lifted me.
"Dylan," I said, confidently, preparing for the worst. "I'm pregnant."

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