Yell Back

March 15, 2012
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“What If a day came when you’ve had enough? What if you yell back?”

“You are so irresponsible!”yelled Sam’s mother. This was just the beginning, Sam was used to these lectures by this time, now she just sat and took it. But this time was different, at least the other times Sam had done something to get the lecture, this time though her mom just wanted to blame someone other than herself. This made Sam angry, why should she, who did nothing wrong, be blamed> Why should She be the one getting yelled at?
“I ask you to do one little thing and you can’t even do that!” Sam heard her mother say but she wasn’t really listening, it was all very mundane to her but then her mother said something that caught her attention.
“What?” Sam asked.
“See, you can’t even listen!” replied her mother angrily. “I said why can’t you be like your brother? He was always the more responsible one!”
That did it for Sam, she hated being compared to her older brother it was very unfair, he was practically perfect and she was nothing like him. Sam had had enough, she went off the deep end.
“Oh shut up!” Sam yelled barely believing what had come out of her mouth. Sam’s mother was stunned into silence and that is when Sam realized it, she could do this, she could put her mother in her place, and so she would.
“I am so tired of being yelled at for nearly nothing! It’s not fair, you say that I’m the irresponsible one, then why do you blame everyone else for what you’ve done?”
Sam stood and looked her quiet mother in the eye.
“You are the irresponsible one, so you need to get over yourself and grow up.” Sam turned and walked to the front door opening it.
“I’m going out with Amber. I’ll be back in a while.” With that she left the house with her mother still standing in the same spot stunned.

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