Julia's Island

February 28, 2012
Julia's Island

In the middle of the Pacific Ocean there is this island. This island is in the middle of nowhere. There are 2 people on this island, Julia Rover and her dad, Jack Rover. Jack Rover is a famous biologist whose goal is to discover every animal he can. So with this goal he went to an island in the middle of nowhere to discover new animals.

Since Julia's father is an avid biologist, he is usually working all day so Julia has a lot of time on her hands. During the day Julia loves swinging from vines, climbing trees and swimming with dolphins. She also has a pet chameleon named Pascal. She loves Pascal like a fish loves water. Pascal is a weird chameleon, he seems like he always has that I-have-eyes-on-the-back-of-my-head look on his little face.

One day Julia's father decided he was going to go on a trip onto the ocean to look for new species of shrimp. When he went Julia could not go with him so she had to stay home alone by herself for 5 days. She was fine the first day but the second day she started to miss him and she missed him more and more every day. On the day he was supposed to come home she was jumping with joy and she waited all day for him. As soon as she woke up she walked through the rainforest, past the waterfall, and to the beach. When she arrived at the beach it was about 6:30 in the morning and the sun was just rising. All Julia saw was a blank sea. Julia walked along the beach collecting shells, feeling the sand between he toes, and listening to the pure silence of the island. After she finished collecting shells she went to her special lookout tree. She had her binoculars, notebook, cell phone, and her banana at hand. She climbed up the tree and waited, thinking, What a wonderful day, the sun is shining and the smells from the ocean are just amazing. She waited half the day and nothing came so she tried calling her dad, no answer. So she waited the rest of the day alone on the island and nothing came. She was worried. She was scared and alone on an island in the middle of nowhere.

What Julia didn't know was that her father was stuck in the middle of a huge storm. It broke the sail off his boat so now he was stranded and so was Julia. She was alone in the middle of nowhere, she was alone on her island, and she was alone in her heart.

Jack Rover eventually died of starvation so Julia was truly alone. Jack did achieve his goal of discovering as many animals as he could. Even though Julia was alone on an island in the middle of the Pacific Ocean she still lived life to the fullest and eventually found her way back to the main land. That truly shows that her dad and her were both true adventurers.

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