March 10, 2012
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“Close your eyes,” my cousin whispered. My eyelids shaded my ocean-blue pupils as I felt a calming brush of air against my cheeks. I fell into a deep dream and found myself running after a rolling ball on the greenest grass. As I touched it, the other team charged like a herd of buffalo toward me. I tried guarding it like I was a penguin warming its unhatched egg, but #24 got it away from me.

“I have to steal the ball back,” I said anxiously to myself. “Otherwise they are going to score!” My long legs caught up to hers, and then I shove her with my right shoulder until she fell flat to the ground. I sprinted with it down the narrow, white sideline. When, I was near the goalie’s box I curved inward and shot in when I was only ten feet away from the keeper...
Even though I don’t know if I scored, I gradually open my eyes. I gasp as I look at my reflection in the mirror. I look like a clown! Immediately, I rush out of my cousin’s room, leap into the bathroom, and slam shut the door!

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