The Savior

March 13, 2012
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One summer, a young boy by the name of Drew was walking through the forest on his way home from school. He was wondering if he could find any shorter ways to his house. Drew decided to turn slightly to the left by an abandoned shed. He always used this shed as a checkpoint to track his way home. While exploring the new track, Drew spotted a small pond and decided to go look at it. Once he arrived at the pond, the first thing that he spotted was a pile of twigs that was rustling nonstop. Drew hesitated to move the twigs but when he did, he found a baby crocodile that seemed to be stuck in the twigs. Drew was afraid to do anything with the crocodile because he thought that it's parents would be somewhere near.

For the next few days, Drew walked the same path home and checked on the baby crocodile each day. It had never seemed to move so he decided to pick it up. The crocodile was very calm and did not struggle at all. At first, Drew thought that it was dead but then, in a very sympathetic way, the crocodile turned it's head to face Drew. He had felt that he had saved the crocodile's life. He took it home and asked his mom if he could take care of it until it could survive alone. She replied by saying "Okay, you better be careful with that thing." Drew hugged his mother with excitement. He ran to the bathroom and immediately filled the bathtub with water. After, he fetched a rock from his backyard and put it in the bathtub for the crocodile to climb on. After a few days of caring for the crocodile, Drew decided to name it Ken. He did this because he thought that it was the size of a doll. A few months later, Ken had grown to be two feet long and Drew had decided to set him free. He put Ken on a very strong leash and took him to the pond where he rescued him. When he arrived, he unclipped the leash and Ken stumbled into the pond. Drew watched him the whole way until his body was completely under water. Ken was very happy to be returned home.

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